The Pillow: Just How Important is it?

So, I guess I will start by listing all the pillows I have. It is a reasonably long list, so I hope I am not boring.

Newest Pillow
1 Baa-Noodle Latex-Wool Pillow from Cozy Pure. Nice pillow. Way too soft for me. Waiting to get a quilted wool pillow cover from Bedrooms and More to see if it firms the pillow up, if not will add some wool batting inside the pillow, and/or more noodles. 5/2024

1 Newly Custom Created - 2 Chamber Pillow Horsehair/LaNoodle Latex Noodles (3/2024)

( Employing the same technique as described below.) 2 Zippered 100% Cotton Pillow Liners. One liner filled with 1.75lbs of Blonde Horsehair from Italy, 2nd Liner filled with 2lbs of LaNoodle Natural Latex Noodles transferred from a pillow. Both liners inserted into a BioSleepConcept Iris Cotton Quilted Pillow cover.

This combination is even better than the one below that used Brooklyn Bedding’s deconstructed shredded foam fill.

The latex LaNoodles, renowned for their plushness, blend seamlessly with the supportive horsehair, offering a unique balance without the typical resistance (push back) associated with pure all latex pillows.

This new creation has thus far has provided unparalleled comfort and support, free from the discomfort of headaches or neck and shoulder pain.

1 Custom Created 2- Chamber Pillow Horsehair/Shredded Premium foam (most recently)

(used 2 zippered 100% cotton pillow liners, used some of the extra Blonde Horse Hair Fill in one liner and the extra fill Brooklyn Bedding sent (for the asking) after I bought their premium shredded foam pillow. Their stuffing is deconstructed latex and memory foam. Used that and filled another liner. Inserted that into a zippered Bio Sleep Concept Iris Cotton Pillow cover (you need this). This cover is awesome, masks any lumps or uneven spots that may occur from the shredding or the horsehair.

This combination is quite good. Like a mattress for your head. Once side cuddling and supportive, the other side firmer with a bit of bounce.

1 Queen Sized Blonde 100% Horsetail hair Pillow new September 2023

2 Tempur-pedic King Soft and Conforming

2 Tempur-pedic Contour Neck Pillows Plus 1 Original TP Neck Pillow from 1992/3

1 Tempur-pedic Dual Breeze Queen

1 Tempur-Pedic ProCloud Hi Queen

1 Tempur-Pedic ProCloud Mid Queen

1 Tempur-Pedic Symphony Standard

2 Enchante King 100% Wool Pillows

1 Malouf Gel Zoned Dough Queen Hi Loft

1 Brooklyn Bedding Premium Shredded Foam Pillow Queen

1 100% Natural Latex Talalay Pillow Queen

2 100% Natural Latex Dunlop Eluxury Standard Pillows

2 Brookstone Biosense Pillows

2 Pacific Coast Down/Feather Pillows

2 Serta Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

2 Cervical neck pillows, one with arm wings, one just the butterfly shape

several bamboo contour neck pillows and neck roll pillows.

I won’t even count the cheap polyfill pillows.

So, as you can see, I went a little crazy with the pillow thing. It took a while to settle on a combination that was comfortable for me. Which ended up with the TP King Soft and Conforming and the TP ProCloud Hi on top. My wife actually likes the TP King Soft and Conforming with the 100% Latex Talalay Pillow on top. I often swap and exchange pillows around to see if combination works better. I do like the Brooklyn Bedding Pillow and The Malouf Pillow. The TP Dual Breeze is a solid pillow too. But the TP S&C with the TP PC Hi is my favorite. There are still pillows I would like to try, but I just haven’t figured out which ones I want to try first. There are just so many out there. Kapok, Buckwheat Hull, Horsehair (I wish I kept my horsehair pillows from when was a kid, who knew you weren’t supposed to throw them out). I have found the 100% Talalay Latex too bouncy and pushes back to hard against my neck, The Malouf’s not bad, but when my head sinks into the pillow, it doesn’t stay stable throughout the night. The wool pillow compressed to the point of being too hard (I like firm, but it was a bit too much). The cervical pillows were actually really good. Kept my neck in position, kept me from snoring, they were just a little odd shaped and hard to keep my head center in the neck mold area. What I like about the TP ProCloud is that my head sinks into the pillow about half way down and it holds me in place and I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud. Funny that my head likes that feel, but my body likes an ultra-firm/laying on top of the mattress feel. I find that if the shredded foam pillows are not stuffed enough, they feel lumpy against my head. At 6’ 220 with broader shoulders, and mostly a side sleeper, I need the two-pillow stack to keep my head aligned with the rest of my body. I don’t like when my head is pushed up too much or droops down below my shoulder when on my side.

It’s no wonder that so many people have issues sleeping. Finding the right mattress is hard enough. Then finding the right pillow/s to go along with it can be a real challenge. If you don’t get it right, it can be a rough night’s sleep. Ok, I guess I have rambled on enough. Any thoughts (other than to tell me to shut up).

I would welcome any suggestions too. I have heard of micro coil pillows, and other unique things, but haven’t seen fit to see what they have to offer. So, if any of our Our Manufacturer Memberships :: The Mattress Underground have anything unique and different, I am always game to give it the old college try. That’s my pillow story, what say you?

I would like to add that all the pillows listed, I have used (for at least a short period of time). I have never received a pillow or mattress as part of any promotion, nor have I ever participated in one (although I am not opposed to it, hint hint :grinning:). I am an eye - health care professional and not an industry insider. I just happened to be passionate about the mattress, bedding and towel industry. Any evaluation (if you want to call it that) or review is purely my own unique opinion and experience. If anyone wants to get a sense of what I think about each pillow, or should there be any questions I would be happy to share my experience. My opinion is always transparent and un-bias. It is not my nature to be swayed by outside influences. It is more about my own experience with a particular product. I call them as I see and feel them. So if you have any questions about how any in my collection of pillows, feel or perform, I would be happy to discuss.

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