Do's and Don'ts of Mattress Shopping

Hey there. I work for a Sleep Center in the South Eastern United States. We put together this short video to comically present some ways that you seriously should and should not shop for a mattress. It’s an important purchase and we want to help you make a great choice!

The basics:

  1. Get comfortable!
  2. Know how to work the bases.
  3. Lie down don’t just sit!

Take care everyone!


to go along with Sam’s post… This is another good resource.

Happy shopping.

I’m a newbie here but… I don’t see the video or a link to it. What am I missing?

Hi SeattleTony,

The links were removed because they are a violation of the forum rules which doesn’t allow a retailer or manufacturer to post links to their own businesses.

If you are looking for some mattress shopping guidelines … post #1 here has the basic information, steps, and guidelines you will need to make the best possible choices (and know which ones to avoid as well).

Based on your username it’s probably a safe assumption that you are in Seattle and the list of the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the area is in post #2 here :slight_smile: