double sided matress

I’ve been looking for a double sided matress and can only find one in my area to try.
Could you comment on the specs for me?

Affinity Firm Two Sided Advantage Mattress by Comfort Solutions |King Koil

Fabric–Stretch Knit



1" Polyurethane Foam

Pillow Top—n/a


1/2 Memory Foam

1-1/2" 5-Zone Foam

3/4" Polyurethane Foam,

Insulator Pad

Support System–

805 Alternating Coil LFK

14.5 Gauge Steel Thickness

Coil count


Two Sided
Flip it over
Spin it around end to end
Double sided
Turn it over
Edge–Superior Foam Encasement

Optional Advantage Foundation – Heavy Duty Wood Framed Foundation for longer life

Warranty–10 Year

Hi indiana,

Unfortunately the specs you provided don’t include any information about the quality of the foam they are using in the mattress which is the most important part of identifying any weak links in the mattress or making meaningful comparisons between mattresses.

If you can find out the density of all the foam layers and the foam encasement from your retailer or the factory (the memory foam and polyfoam) I’d be happy to make some comments about it’s construction and the quality of the materials and help you identify any potential weak links in the mattress. They may need to call the factory if they don’t have it on their spec sheets (which they probably don’t) and find out if the factory will provide it to them (many won’t).

Unfortunately … without this information there is really no way to make any meaningful assessment of the mattress.