Down to two mattresses..Help me decide

After reading through this site and talking with both manufactures I have narrowed my decision down to the following:

  • Mattresses 24/7: Queen 100% TALALAY LATEX 9" Mattress $890
  • Dreamfoam/Brooklyn Beds: Queen 10" Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress w/ Organic wool cover $799.
    (the default cover contains Flame retardant chemicals…so it costs $200 extra to upgrade to wool cover).

So the Ultimate Dreams mattress would be ~$100 cheaper, however it’s not 100% latex (I think only the top
3-4 inches are latex and the bottom is a sythentic support foam). The Mattress247 is a full 100% latex with 3
layers customized to my firmness needs and comes with organic bamboo cover with no chemicals/Flame retardant, etc.

Since both sellers are highly recommended and endorsed by this site I’m not worried about quality issues. I would
be looking for a very soft bed (ILD 20-24 range). Is it worth the extra $100 to get the full Latex or would that make
much difference? (Hopefully Phoenix will see this and give his 2 cents.) I want to make sure there isn’t any other
factors that I’m missing in the comparison.

Please feel free to comment…


Hi creosote7,

Just to clarify … only one of these sellers are recommended by this site (recommendations are limited to members of the site listed here). Mattresses 24/7 are listed as a good value option in several posts but are not members of the site.

Having said that … both are good value but they are very much an apples to oranges comparison.

You can read a little more about the differences between an all latex mattress and a latex polyfoam hybrid in post #2 here.

I would also caution you (as I have in other posts) that Mattresses 24/7 sells seconds, closeouts, comfort exchanges, or rejects that are supplied by other manufacturers who have decided not to use them in their own mattresses and I would take this into account in your “value equation”. While they are certainly good value for what they are … they are also not first quality materials. (NOTE: this is no longer the case although their prices are higher … see post #4 here).

Under normal circumstances I would definitely pay an extra $100 for all latex vs a latex polyfoam hybrid but this would be based on both mattresses using first quality materials. If one used “seconds” I would take this into account in the comparison as well. I would also take into account any differences in the cover/quilting components (such as the use of wool in the quilting) as this can also be a significant part of the cost of a mattress.

You have some very good final choices and each of them are good value in different ways but there are also some tradeoffs involved and which of these tradeoffs are most important to you are a matter of personal preference.

Once you are down to final choices that are “all good” (which you are) … my job is to point to and help you identify the tradeoffs involved and then “get out of the way” so that each person can make their final choices based on their own value equation and what is most important to them.