dream foam bedding on a budget

I was looking at the dream foam bedding latex base or economy model. I saw some reviews on this website which seems like it is a well respected brand. plus having accidentally slept on my brother’s bed and passing out within minutes i think this will be a good choice for me. does anyone for see any problems for me. i weigh 250lbs and am a side sleeper and belly sleeper, and sleep hot. i really prefer cool mattresses.

Hi Bigdon2013,

I moved your other posts to this same thread, as it makes it easier to reply to your questions instead of across different threads.

Dreamfoam Bedding has a pillow bonus offer for orders placed through Dreamfoam. The discounts for all of the site members are listed here.

I replied to your earlier post while you were writing these posts, so take a look at what I wrote in my earlier reply. Also, what are the exact Dreamfoam models you were considering? I can provide better commentary on them once I know the exact model. Dreamfoam is a member here, which means that I do think highly of them.