DreamFoam 13" Gel Memory Foam

We are new to this Forum and very glad to have come across it during our very extensive research on the best memory foam matress at a reasonable price. After many hours of reading on the subject and going back and forth on possible choices, we narrowed it down to the DreamFoam 13" Gel Memory Foam mattress, but our main concern is that the mattress might be too plush/soft for my 229 lb, 6’3 ft husband. We both prefer more of the firmer feel and are concerned about the comments regarding the firmness of the matress. Can anyone confirm that this matress is not as soft as we are led to believe? Thoughts are appreciated.


Welcome to the Mattress Forum! … and I’m glad you found us :slight_smile:

The same mattress can feel different for different people depending on their body type, sleeping positions, and just different perceptions of softness. This is particularly true with memory foam because the firmness/softness of memory foam can vary with temperature, humidity, how long the foam is continuously compressed (whether you change positions more than others) and with the type of mattress protector, mattress pad, or the sheets that you use on the memory foam which can affect how much body heat reaches the memory foam. This is also why you will see such a wide range of comments about the same mattress with some people describing it very differently from others.

Having said that … the most common feedback is that the Dreamfoam 13" gel memory foam mattress is similar to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe (which is their softest mattress) in terms of it’s “firmness/softness” but perhaps just a bit firmer (although it may have a different “feel” which is much more subjective) so if you haven’t already it would be a good idea to test the Cloud Luxe at a local store.

If you order the mattress from the Dreamfoam site instead of Amazon they have a 45 day comfort guarantee (see the bottom right corner of the page) so you can decide how soft or firm the mattress feels for you. It would also allow you to take advantage of their current 10% special (see their facebook page here).

With higher body weights … mattresses with thicker/softer comfort layers can also be a little more risky in terms of alignment.

If you can’t test a mattress in person then it’s always a good idea to make sure you have a conversation with the retailer/manufacturer that sells them so they can help “talk you through” whether a mattress would likely be a good “match” for you.