Dreamfoam Bedding

I just started reading these forums. I am planning to buy a new mattress, and I saw two models that Dreamfoam Bedding sells on Amazon.com (Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress & Ultimate Dreams Queen Eurotop Latex Mattress). I am hoping to spend $600 or less for a queen-size, so only the first one would fit into that price range for me.

I have never slept on a latex mattress, but from the reading I have done, I believe it would be the most comfortable and durable type of mattress. I want something that is going to last for at least 10 years. I weigh about 175-180 lbs and am a side sleeper.

Since they don’t have any local outlets in Houston, are there other mattresses I could try that would be similar to these models? I know you can choose what firmness level you want, but I would have no idea where to start.

Also, would it be better to order from their Amazon site or directly from their web site?

If anybody has experience with the company or these particular mattresses and could give me some advice, I would appreciate it.


I am considering these same mattresses except in a King size. Thank you for posting, I will be following :slight_smile:

Hi rwalsh79,

Post #2 here includes the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Houston area and several of these sell latex or latex hybrid mattresses. While they would be different designs from the Dreamfoam mattresses, they could at least give you a sense of some of the different firmness levels and different designs and the “feel” of latex.

That would be up to you. With Amazon you would have slightly higher prices but the return policy would be the Amazon large item return policy, you would have a choice of shipping methods, and there would be no bonus for being a member of the site. If you order from Dreamfoam then the return policy would be Dreamfoam’s (you would need to pay for and use a common carrier to return the mattress) but the price is a little less and you would also receive the “pillow bonus” for being a member of this site.

Ultimate Dreams Latex fulfilled by Dreamfoam

Ultimate Dreams Latex fulfilled by Amazon

The Ultimate Dreams Eurotop has an exchangeable comfort layer so you can change the firmness level of the comfort layer after a purchase if your sleeping experience indicates you would prefer something firmer or softer. As far as I know this mattress is only fulfilled by Dreamfoam.