Dreamfoam comfort levels

After so much reading and phone calls that I feel like my head is spinning, I bit the bullet and ordered a Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams Eurotop today. But now that I’ve placed my order, I’m questioning the comfort level I chose. The lady I spoke with recommended a comfort level 5 or 6. My husband and I are both larger people, around 6 ft and 250 pounds each, and we are both side sleepers. I like the sink-in feeling, but I don’t want to sink so far that I feel stuck. For anyone who has experience with this mattress, so you think a comfort level 6 would probably be a good starting point for us?

I know that comfort is very personal, and I know that I can swap out the top layer, which is another reason why I chose this mattress company. But I’d rather not go through that hassle if I don’t have to.

Hi MandyPandy170,

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As you stated, comfort is a very personal choice, and no one here on the forum, no matter how well intentioned, would be able to predict how you or your husband would feel on this or any other mattress, or how much sinking in would be “too much”. There are simply too many personal variables involved.

In situations like this I’ll always recommend that you strongly consider the advice of the consultants from the manufacturer, as they will have the best knowledge about their own products and a large reference database of “similar” individuals and how their materials will tend to respond to the requests you’ve made. And while ideally everyone would like to pick the perfect mattress the first time, you did have the good foresight to choose something that does allow for customization.

If you’re still concerned, I would suggest another phone call to Dreamfoam and have them go over their recommendation with you again to confirm why they recommended what they did and to see if you want to make a change before the product ships.


Thank you! I will call tomorrow and go over it one more time. Im pretty sure I’ll keep it as is, but I’m just wary I guess of buying a mattress this way. I’ve only ever bought from stores, and I was about ready to pull the trigger on a Simmons World Class Recharge when I found this site!

Hi MandyPandy170,

I think that’s the best course of action - you can always ask for further clarification of the reasoning behind the suggestions you were provided. While you don’t desire to have to make a comfort change with a new mattress, neither do the retailers, as there are of course extra costs associated with that on their end, so your best interests will theirs as well. But it never hurts to phone back and confirm.


I realize your experience doesn’t mean much to mine in sleeping on the bed, but curious if you have received your bed and your initial thoughts about the quality and if the consultant seemed to get the firmness right? I’m closing to pulling the trigger on them tonight. Thanks.