Dreamfoam Eurotop Mattress Question

Hello, I have a Dreamfoam Bedding Eurotop (zip off cover) with a firmness 5. My wife and I have been sleeping on this mattress for 10+ years and love it. The mattress is still flat with no depressions or other defects.

However, I am now experiencing hip and waist pain. I am wondering what my best option would be to sleep more comfortably. Should I go with a topper or replace the top layer inside my Eurotop mattress with a softer foam? I am 5’11 165 pounds.

Hi jkmason and welcome back to the Mattress Underground after 10 years!

Glad you have had a great experience with your DreamFoam Eurotop! Good that it’s held up for so long too.

Unfortunately there’s no way to assess why you are experiencing aches and pains now; age, change in routine, change in exercise, repetitive movements during the day, even stress can all affect our bodies and their ability to rest. You have a low BMI, so aside from any recent physical issue that may have affected you, you have chosen the best route to check if your sleep profile may have changed: trying a topper, or as softer top comfort layer.

If possible, you might want to check out the ‘feel’ of a medium firm topper at a local showroom; even at lower BMIs, a too soft comfort layer can let you ‘bottom out’ on points such as your waist - which can cause further discomfort. A medium firm would let you see how a slightly softer comfort layer would feel for you. Many of the Trusted Members of the site carry latex toppers of both Talalay and Dunlop at a variety of firmnesses; and members such as APM or DIY Natural Bedding, among others, can provide options for the top comfort layer of your mattress…hopefully this slight modification to your sleep system is all you need to get back to the great sleep you’ve become accustomed to!

~ Basilio


Thank you so much for the response! My BMI has always been pretty low. Since my initial purchase it has lowered even more as I work out a lot and live a healthier lifestyle.

I’m still wondering if I should explore changing out the top layer of my mattress with a softer layer. Since it is a Dreamfoam Eurotop the mattress zips open and gives access to the various layers, including the top comfort layer.

I haven’t opened it up yet, but I am guessing that the top layer is 3” thick. If so, would a 3” talalay, soft, be something to consider?

Hi jkmason,

Certainly! It’s your choice…a topper can give you a way to see how a different top comfort layer would feel, but replacing the top comfort layer is a more permanent and stable solution - again, as long as you can match your preferred comfort level with the replacement.

~ Basilio