DreamFoam Gel 13-inch Memory Foam: Best place to order?

Lots of buzz about this mattress here. Obviously Amazon sells it, but has anybody seen any advantage to purchasing directly from Brooklyn Bedding?

Hi scporg,

The main advantage of having it fulfilled by Brooklyn Bedding is a slightly lower price and the free shredded latex pillow they provide to the forum members here (you need to provide them with your mattress forum member name). The advantage of having it fulfilled by Amazon is that it is covered by the Amazon return policy but this would also be a large item return because you can’t re-compress the mattress before shipping like it was shipped to you (see post #11 here) so there would be some costs involved in returning it (they have said they cap it at about 20% of the cost of the mattress).

If you have good confidence in your comfort choice from any local testing you have done on mattresses with a similar design and materials and their guidance … then a return may not even be an issue in your purchase decision and then Brooklyn Bedding would be the best choice.

If you are uncertain about your comfort choice … then Amazon may be the way to go even though there could be a fairly significant cost involved in returning it.

Another option worth considering may be one of their mattresses either on Amazon or on their Brooklyn Bedding site which allows you to exchange just the comfort layer at a much lower cost if you make the wrong comfort choice. In this case the mattresses on their own site have a more liberal and less costly exchange policy (return UPS shipping of the layer only) than their mattresses on Amazon.

It’s generally best to err on the side of choosing a little too firm because you can always add a mattress pad or topper to make it a bit softer but it’s rarely effective to try and make a mattress that is too soft any firmer.