Dreamfoam Latex

After doing a good amount of research on here I have decided to purchase a dreamfoam mattress. I see since I am a member of this site that I should receive a free pillow. I also have a few questions for the seller…I tried contacting them through amazon but have not heard anything from them.

I am also wanting to know the make up of the bed…what types of latex is in the mattress and how is it layered? How thick is the mattress…ETC…

I have also gone to the Brooklyn Bedding website, and then to the “Latex Mattress Store(http://latexmattressshop.com/)” that has three types of mattresses; Bliss, allure and enchantment. I am having trouble determining the difference between the mattresses. Can anyone help?


Yes … all the business members here offer a discount or bonus to the members of the site (one post automatically bumps up your username from “new poster” to "member). They will either contact you after a purchase to ask for your comfort choice on the mattress at which time you can let them know you are a member or you can call them.

I don’t think they monitor the forum here on a regular basis and they are pretty good at replying to emails so you should get a response fairly soon. You could also call them as well and their number is listed on the Amazon site.

Their site description lists the layering though on all of their mattresses (they have 3 different models) … and a search on Ultimate Dreams will also bring up lots more information on the forum about the options they provide and some of the choices of other forum members. They all use 3" of latex and two of them are Talalay and the other is Dunlop. The base foam on all of them is 2.35 lb polyfoam. There is also 1.5" of quilting foam and the Dunlop version also contains wool in the quilting. The thickness of each mattress is listed in their descriptions.

They are also working on bringing their other sites up to date and their “current” offerings are the ones on Amazon which is why they asked that it was the one that was listed in the membership list.


Thanks for your response. Im hoping you can provide some assistance here. I was using a bed that belonged to a member of my family (Queen) since they were living in NY and didnt have room for anything more than a full. This week that member moved from NY and took the bed back, which is why I am looking for a new bed. I would wait until October, but right now I just have a terrible Queen size mattress on the floor and i am not sleeping well on it.

I want to get a king…I have two dogs and a girlfriend that lives with me. The think is, I will be moving from Cleveland to Indianapolis in October and am worried the moving a king bed will be diffiult. I know Dreamfoam comes flattened and rolled up, so It will be easy to move as it is shipped, but will I have a lot of trouble tyrying to transport this once it is full of air? Will this be easier to move than a normal spring mattress. What advice can you give about moving this king size latex mattress?

Hi bwomp,

Latex is heavy and also very flexible and elastic which means that it can be quite difficult to handle although it can also bend around corners without damage more easily than an innerspring. The Dreamfoam though has polyfoam in the support core so it would be a little “stiffer” and lighter than a full latex core (but still more flexible than an innerspring). Even so … a King weighs 125 lbs in their thickest model so I would make sure there were two people to move it and a mattress box would also make it easier to transport. Failing that … I would at least use a thick mattress bag to transport it. One (the cardboard) has the advantage of stiffening up the mattress and making it easier to handle and the other (plastic) has the advantage of being better able to bend around corners.


Thanks again for all of your help, I REALLY appreciate it. im new to this, I’m 25 and this will be my first mattress purchase.

This will be a question for brooklyn bedding im sure, but I have done some research and discovered celsion latex. I believe it is a variety of talalay that is supposed to have some thermal benefits both cooling and warming. I have suffered from chronic night sweats all of my life and spent years at the doctor trying to figure out the cause to no avail. Do you think there is a possibility, if I chose the eurotop model, that they could put celsion latex in the pillowtop part? Or even in the top 3" of the standard plush top?

On a similar note, do you have much experience with celsion letex? Either first hand or from others?

Hi bwomp,

I’ve never slept on Celsion (now called Talalay GL) but like other types of mattress components it uses a phase change material added to the latex which absorbs some heat and changes “phase” to more of a liquid and then returns the heat when it cools down and becomes more solid again. In other words it “regulates” in both directions. It can make a difference in temperature regulation but is only part of the “sleeping cool” dilemma. You could certainly ask them if they could add it as a special order and what the extra cost may be if they can. Talalay is already very breathable though so it may be enough in combination with other parts of your sleeping system.

The last part of post #4 here from yesterday may be of interest to you because sleeping temperature has many factors and the most important part of a cool and temperature regulating sleeping environment is ventilation and the control of humidity next to the skin. The upper layers of a mattress are only part of this. The ticking/quilting (synthetic fibers absorb less moisture and are less temperature regulating and wool in the quilting is good for this because it can absorb moisture and promotes ventilation) along with your choice of a mattress protector, sheets, and bedding will also play a big role. If you go outside on a hot day … the relative humidity will play as big a role in how hot you feel (and how much you perspire) as the temperature itself so keeping low humidity levels next to the skin is important regardless of whether you are a degree or two cooler.