DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams too Soft and Hot


Seeking recommendations on what we could purchase to make our DreamFoam Mattress more firm and breathable. Please recommend any mattress topper/mattress protector based on personal experience to achieve our desired outcome.

Would purchasing the St. Dormeir Wool Mattress Protector make our mattress more firm and breathable?

My wife and I purchased the DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress from Amazon and she’s complaining that the mattress “sinks” in too much and is too hot at night. Hoping to find a solution so she can get better sleep at night. Thank you.

Hi kyle1125,

While it’s fairly simple to soften up a mattress that is too firm by adding a topper to provide additional comfort and pressure relief … it’s much more difficult to “firm up” a mattress that is too soft by adding a firmer topper because the softer layers under the topper could still be too thick/soft and can still allow your hips/pelvis to sink down too much even under a firmer topper. In some cases it may make “just enough” of a difference to help but in most cases it would only be a partial or temporary solution and the only way to know for certain whether it would make enough of a difference would be based on your own personal experience. The most effective way to “fix” a mattress that is too soft would generally be by removing the comfort layers that are too thick/soft and replacing them with firmer and/or thinner layers which of course isn’t possible.

In some cases if you add a firmer topper to a mattress that is too soft then you could end up with additional issues because the new comfort layer (the firmer topper) may end up being too firm to be comfortable to sleep on and the topper may still “bend” or compress into the softer layers underneath so you could end up with comfort layers that are too firm and uncomfortable and support or transition layers underneath it (that were meant to be softer comfort layers) that are too soft to provide suitable support underneath the topper.

Having said that … there are some suggestions in post #4 here for a mattress that is too soft that can sometimes be helpful.

The most effective solution (assuming that you are still inside the Amazon 30 day trial period) would be to return the mattress for a refund and buy a mattress that is a better “match” for both of you in terms of comfort, firmness, and PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and your own Personal preferences).

It could slow down or reduce the amount of body heat that reaches the memory foam so it could make “some” difference in how much or how quickly the memory foam softens with your body heat and firm up the mattress a little and it would also improve temperature regulation as well but the only way to know for certain whether it would make “enough” of a difference either in terms of softness/firmness or in terms of temperature regulation would be based on your own personal experience.