Dreamfoam Purchase -- eek!

This website is a godsend. Thank you Phoenix.

I have been in the market for a new mattress for awhile, but keep getting overwhelmed and putting it off. I literally threw out my mattress during my move in an effort to light a fire under me to purchase a new one. I ended up, randomly, at Keetsa in NYC after getting frustrated with the national brand stores, and I learned a nugget of information that had never been mentioned to me that literally may be the key to unlocking my best night’s sleep: latex!

The only thing that I knew about mattresses was that I absolutely did not want a Tempurpedic, memory foam style mattress, not only because I don’t love the feel of them, but also because I am THE HOTTEST SLEEPER. EVER. Holding me is like holding a furnace all night.

The Keetsa store guy was the only person to ever say to me in response to this issue that latex was the coolest option on the market (Confirm?) What he failed to mention is that Keetsa is sold out of their latex model until November, and as mentioned above, I literally tossed my old mattress and have nowhere to sleep.

In an effort to find a Keetsa-esque option, I stumbled on here.

I just ordered a queensized latex ultra plush from Dreamfoam online, which I believe is a member seller. (Need to mention to them when we speak that I’m on this website!)

Waiting eagerly for my phone call with them, but now I’m nervous that this bed has some dastardly memory foam in it? Does anyone know? I know it’s not pure latex, which is fine by me, as long as it remains super breathable and doesn’t try to suffocate me at night with memory foam.

I thought I might mosey on down to DixieFoam today as well, just to get a feel of a couple firmness levels. Any other tips?

One last thing…I should mention that I want the bed depth firm, but the top soft. I had a very firm innerspring before which I topped with a feather bed. That seemed to work decently well for my needs.

Hi burghs,

Yes they are a member here and since you are as well (you’ve made a post on the forum) it would entitle you to the bonus they offer to the forum members which is a free shredded latex pillow. Just let them know your username here.

I think your other questions about the mattress are answered in post #9 here :).

There is no memory foam in the mattress. From the top down the quilting layer is polyfoam, then comes the latex, then there is a high quality polyfoam support core.

This is the type of feedback (along with your body type and sleeping positions as well as the results of any local testing you have done) which will help them to help you make the best possible choice. They know every detail of their mattress and the manufacturer of a mattress is always in the best position to provide the most “accurate” guidelines because they have a customer base that can use as reference points and have much more detailed knowledge about how every layer of their mattresses interact together and with different people.

You can also reach them on the phone (their contact information is at the bottom of this page).

Hope this helps.