DreamFoam Queen

I’m looking into purchasing a DreamFoam Mattress, Queen-size, and just wanted to know any reviews anybody might have. Also, if you purchase the mattress on the Amazon page, do you get the 5% discount or a bonus item or anything? Thanks for everything!

Hi LaneHirsch,

I’m not sure which of the Dreamfoam mattresses you are looking at but a forum search on Dreamfoam (you can just click this) will bring up hundreds of comments about their mattresses.

I would pay much more attention to the type and quality of the materials in any mattress I was purchasing than I would to mattress reviews because each person can have very different needs and preferences and a very different experience on the same mattress both in terms of how it feels and performs and in terms of durability (see post #13 here about reviews). Of course reviews about the company itself (rather than a mattress) can be useful.

Brooklyn Bedding has a different discount/bonus system depending on whether you are purchasing their Amazon mattresses (and who fulfills it) or the mattresses on their Brooklyn Bedding site. You can see the details in post #2 here.


Thanks Phoenix!!! Post #2 answered my question and Post #13 did as well. I appreciate all that you do!