DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel and Brooklyn Bedding Aloe Adelle

So I moved out near Seattle around six months ago and am finally ready to buy a real bed and be free’d from Air Mattress Hell.

I was looking at the DreamFoam Gel mattress and everything about it sounds ideal but I’m worried I’m to heavy for it to be comfortable (5’11 275lbs).

I’m primarily a side sleeper though occasionally I do sleep on my back. I’d like something softer as ive been getting shoulder pain (and occasionally wake up with my arm asleep from sleeping my my right shoulder). I’m not opposed to Latex, but have been leaning towards foam as it seems like it would be more effective at relieving this. My only real concern is that I can sleep hot as is (though I suppose Air Mattresses have to be pretty bad at heat transfer as is and horrid with regards to moisture so I can’t really get worse than I am now)

Based on this I have also been looking at the Aloe Adelle as it seems to me that the Latex layer would be more viable for supporting my weight, though I could be wrong. I also like the idea of being able to adjust the firmness down the line if I manage to lose some of this weight.

Anyway, I was curious if either of these options would be viable or if there was any other mattresses which I should be considering. I don’t currently have a car so getting around to try out different beds is a bit difficult so I’m mostly going off word of mouth and the advice of others. I have previously tried out some of the iComfort and TempurPedic beds, and if I recall correctly I quite liked the iComfort Savant and Prodigy models and the TempurPedic Contour series beds. I did find the cloud series very comfortable, but I was worried about them sleeping too hot since you sink in quite a bit and I’d head the TempurPedics are some of the worst in that regard.

I also recently visited home and got to sleep in both of the inner spring beds in the guest rooms, one was my old bed and it felt hard as a rock to me now, the other was one of the ridiculous ultra plush beds with what has to be a 3-6inch pillow top. That one was comfortable, but not supportive enough so you sink in too much in the middle which made it hard to sleep on your side. It also got to be too hot because of that. Not sure if any of that is really helpful at all, but I’m flying blind.

Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

Hi Amnesia1187,

I would be cautious about this as well. You are in a weight range that this probably wouldn’t be the most suitable mattress design for you IMO (and I would include the Tempurpedic Cloud series in this as well) regardless of its quality or value. You will need a mattress that uses firmer support layers and firmer and higher than average quality comfort layers to accommodate your weight (firmer foams feel softer for people that are heavier because they sink in more deeply) unless you are willing to accept the risk and tradeoff of a much shorter lifespan for the mattress than would be normal for most people.

I think this is good thinking but I would also try to minimize the use of 4 lb memory foam except for very thin layers and would tend to lean towards 5 lb and higher memory foams at your weight.

Post #1 here has the information steps and guidelines that would be the most helpful for you but without personal testing of mattresses to provide you with a reference point of the types of mattress that would be most suitable for you I would spend some time reading the information on the site that it links to and I would tend towards making choices that used the highest possible quality/durability layers, were on the firm side by the standards of most people, and work with online manufacturers (such as Brooklyn Bedding) that would allow you to make changes or exchanges as necessary if you make a comfort choice that isn’t quite right for you.