Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams 13" gel memory foam mattress case study

Hello everyone!
First of all, thank you Phoenix for putting together such a wonderful and informative resource for anyone looking for a new mattress. It has made the process much less stressful for me, and I will be sure to recommend themattressunderground.com as the first stop for anyone I know looking to buy a new mattress.

I don’t have a particular question, I just wanted to add my experience to the mix here to help future users.

I am 24 years old and just getting my feet wet in “real life” so I figured this was a good opportunity to make a new mattress purchase. Before we go any further it may be useful for me to provide my sleep “statistics” and a picture of how my bed gets used. I am 6’0" and 150 lbs. I am a back and side sleeper, and I toss and turn during the night without waking up. I sleep in my queen sized bed about half of the nights, and I usually have my girlfriend who is about 5’4" 115 lbs with me, and sometimes my 70 lb dog if he is on good behavior. I like the bed a little softer than she does, but both of our preferences are probably softer than average, maybe because were small. We sleep close and live in a warm climate, so good heat dissipation is near the top of my personal preference list.

I have slept on an innerspring mattress my entire life. I would consider myself not very picky when it comes to mattresses, because I have been blessed with very deep sleep, and no particular health issues related to sleep or posture so far (knock on wood!) I did however have an interest in memory foam as a comfort layer option because I have used a cheap memory foam topper in the past, and I enjoyed the “hugging” feeling it provided.

So far my only visit to a mattress outlet was to a Mattress Firm. They carry Tempurpedic, so we tried many of those beds, and found the “Cloud Luxe Breeze” to be our best fit. They sold us hard on the adjustable bed frame, and I admit it would be nice, but I cant justify the price just to watch TV in bed. They also pushed us to buy soon because of a deal expiring soon and probably said at least 5 times that “Tempurpedic NEVER goes on sale” Luckily I wasn’t falling for that one, and returned home to do my research which is when I found this site!

After browsing all of the reference material on this site, I have settled on the Dreamfoam Ultimate Dreams 13" gel memory foam mattress. This mattress has many good reviews on amazon, and the manufacturer describes it as a close match to the Cloud Luxe Breeze that we liked in the store. Im hoping that the gel memory foam will help a little with heat dissipation, and that a good mattress protector will also help in keeping me cool. I’m still nervous about buying a bed that I have never laid on, but I’m more comfortable because Dreamfoam has been listed on this site as an industry best, which gives it credibility that amazon reviews just don’t provide IMO. Also the 45 day comfort guarantee is nice, but I don’t really trust that type of deal, and I’m certainly not hoping to go through the hassle of buying a bed that I don’t like and attempting to return it!

I currently have a queen sized bed frame with more than 5 wooden slats and a new box spring, so I believe that will suffice for support of my new mattress and not violate the warranty, but anybody please correct me if you know better! I am setting myself a reminder for 1 month and 6 months from now to check back in and provide an update on how my experience is going because of how much similar testimonials helped my decision and peace of mind.

Hi clay_williams,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and experiences … and for letting us know what you decided to purchase … I appreciate it.

Thanks for the kind words as well.

As you know I think you made a great quality/value choice … and congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I don’t know the specifics of your bedframe but if it has 5 wooden slats or more and has good center support to the floor then it would most likely be fine.

I also don’t know the specifics of your foundation (hopefully it’s a foundation that doesn’t flex and not a box spring that flexes or has springs inside it) but most foundations would be suitable for your mattress. There is more about the different types of support systems that are generally suitable for different types of mattresses in the foundation post here but if you are at all uncertain then if you call Dreamfoam and describe the foundation/box spring to them they would be able to tell you whether it would be suitable for your mattress.

In very general terms a support system that is flat and doesn’t flex and has either a wire grid surface or gaps that are about 5" or less between the slats will generally be fine and the firmer it is and the more support surface it has (as long as it allows for some ventilation) the better.

I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback when you’ve received it and have had the chance to sleep on it for a bit.


1 month check-in
So far I am extremely pleased with my decision!
The mattress arrived a few days earlier than they predicted. Set-up was very easy, I just tossed my old mattress and box springs and put the new mattress right on the slats of the bed frame (which I added a 5th leg to in the center per Dreamfoam’s suggestion) There was no smell to the mattress at all. After making the bed, I laid down and it felt AMAZING. Very similar to the Cloud Luxe Breeze in the outlet store, maybe a touch harder.
My girlfriend also loves it. Strangely, the only one who isn’t thrilled about it is the dog who decided to go back to his dog bed (fine by me!) We’ve slept in it probably about 12 times in the last month, and I’ve never had an issue with it. It retains a little more heat than the innerspring did, but not enough that I would consider it an issue, even now in summer (its currently 95 degrees out). I cannot recommend this bed enough at the moment, hopefully it is as durable as it is comfortable!

Hi clay_williams,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and experience … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

It sure sounds like you made a great choice!


6 Month Check-In
Still loving the bed! No durability issues. The heat retention has actually become kinda nice as it has gotten colder outside. Even the dog has come around to the bed and now I can’t get him off of it…
Still Highly Recommend this bed!

Hi clay_williams,

Thanks for taking the time to share another update … and it’s great to hear that your mattress is working out so well for you :slight_smile: