Dreamfoams 13" Gel Memory Foam Mattress Barely Measures 12"

I bought this mattress and a couple of their memory foam pillows off of amazon this week. Did I receive the right mattress? I know they sell a 12" version that is about $100 cheaper. The mattress has sat for about 24 hours to expand and is barely 12", it is nowhere close to hitting 13" though. There is no model/serial number on the tag. Did I get the right one? I definitely don’t want to go through the hassle of returning it but I also want to make sure I got what I paid for.
Is this normal?

Hi ihascrabs,

I would measure the mattress from the top center of the mattress to the floor rather than down the side to the bottom tape edge (the edges may be compressed by the cover). It may also be worth giving it an extra day (48 hours) to see if that makes any difference even though it normally wouldn’t take this long to fully expand.

Your mattress “looks like” the 13" version (the 12" version has a different cover) but if remeasuring still indicates that it’s 12" then I would call and ask them about it since they would know the amount of variance in height that would be normal and would give you a more informed answer than I could. They will want to make sure that you received the right mattress just as much as you do.


Hi ihascrabs,

I am about to purchase this mattress, can you give us a update on yours? Did it expand to 13’ or did you call the company?