Ease of moving around mattress/rheumatoid arthritis

Hi Phoenix!

It’s been a while since I have posted. My rheumatoid arthritis has become so bad, I find it difficult moving around on my bed. It’s not that there is much pain, I just cannot move my limbs well, as they are kind of like “wood.” Yikes! lol

I have been sleeping on a 100% Natural Talalay Mattress with a wool/cotton cover. (Ignore any former posts I have written here)

My question is: Is Dunlop an easier surface to move around on? Rolling over, grabbing blankets…

Does the ability to “move” better also depend on the type of cover?

I remember when I tried Dunlop mattress at spencer/ventura ca, they were very strong" feeling"/comfortable. Back then, (last year I did not have the issues I am having.

My other thought is: Would an all spring mattress be more bouncy and springs would help me move? haha I am grasping at straws here! Kind thank yous Phoenix! : ) You are a Godsend!

Hi sleepytime1,

Both types of latex are very resilient and most people wouldn’t have any issues with moving on either one of them although Talalay is generally more resilient than Dunlop. While I don’t really know the answer to your question because it’s more of a medical issue than a mattress issue … I would think that the firmness of the latex would probably make more difference than the type of latex because you will sink in more deeply to softer materials which may make it harder for you to move.

Some types of covers would be softer than others (such as covers made with a thicker or softer foam quilting) and some types of covers are quilted with fibers such as wool that are less resilient than foam (although they would generally be firmer than a softer foam) so I would guess that covers that either include firmer and more resilient quilting layers or that are thinner and allow you to sleep closer to a more resilient layer or component underneath them could be helpful as well.

You won’t find any “all spring” mattresses because innerspring mattresses will have some additional padding in the comfort layers above the spring that are generally made from either natural or synthetic fibers or some type of foam material although there are also some mattresses that include thinner springs called microcoils in the comfort layers as well (although they will also include some additional padding). Springs are very resilient and will “return” more of the energy that is used to compress them rather than absorbing some of the energy which would be the case with foam materials (although latex will absorb less energy than other types of foam materials) so it’s possible that mattresses that use innersprings and/or microcoils could be helpful as well.

I would also keep in mind that this is “theoretical” and the only reliable way to know for certain how easy it will be for you to move on any specific combination of layers and components will be your own personal experience.


PERFECT!! Thank you soooo much Phoenix. I was thinking deeply, : ) and I must agree with all your said!

That being said, I did visit customComfort ($$$) and looked at their “spring mattress”, with cotton and wool on top. They showed me the construction model in the showroom…Very pricy and not sure who else makes similar… but I want the transparency/quality…Hmmm 1900 I think…yikes.

They sell toppers to go on top etc… (my daughter has my tally topper!)

I will let you know what I decide. Thank you again Phoenix.