Eastern King Latex Question

I recently ordered a SleepEz 10000 Eastern King mattress. I got the two bottom layers split and the top soft layer as one piece. I was kind of disappointed to see the top single layer was two pieces glued together. Is this normal? I don’t know what size sheets the latex comes in. I keep meaning to call them and ask but never remember. I thought I’d ask here and if I remember I’ll call and ask them.

Hi Lewy,

The standard Talalay latex mold size is a twin XL (40" x80") which means that any layers larger than this will generally have a glue seam. The only exceptions are that there are a few queen size molds which are much less common but can be specially ordered and usually have an extra cost. California King will have two glue seams because they need an extra piece on the end.

The glue is non toxic, latex based, very strong, and they carefully match the ILD of all the sections so the glue seam will have no effect on the feel or performance of the latex.