Eastman House Horizon mattress

I want to know everything about Eastman House Horizon mattress M36549? If that mattress can’t be found, what is similar? I have been given no information about the specifics: Material, number of coils, what kind of foam, how thick is the foam, etc.
Thanks for any help you can give me,

Hi Ann,
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One of the issues we always collide with is when a question about a mattress is presented and very little information is provided.

The Eastman House Brand has a rich history spanning over a century, originating in the late 1800s as a luxury label and maintaining that tradition today. It falls under the umbrella of Bedding Industries of America, which operates several manufacturing facilities across the country, including a prominent one here in central New Jersey.

While Bedding Industries of America produces several high-quality mattresses, such as Millbrook, Hemingway, Eclipse, and Natural Dreams, one area of concern is the lack of transparency regarding the materials used in their mattresses, including fabrics, fibers, foams, and springs.

The “horizon” model presents a bit of a mystery, as it’s not listed on their website and is likely a private label for a local or regional retailer. This lack of clarity can make it challenging since there is no content as to where this mattress was showcased, tested, and sold.

Nevertheless, Eastman House maintains a strong reputation for crafting comfortable, quality mattresses, bolstered by its extensive history in the industry.

I would say it is best to speak with the sales representative who presented this mattress to you although I know some who sell a few of the BIA produced mattresses and even they have some difficulty getting complete transparent information.

Sorry, there is not more information, this is the reason the MattressUnderGround prides itself by showcasing Trusted Members who are extremely transparent regarding the products they sell.

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