easy rest vs sleep science vs tempurpedic

we are looking at costco’s 10" split king sleep science memory foam adjustable bed and a similiar one from easy rest with gel and foam. any thoughts on which is better and how they compare with tempurpedic?

Hi kathy,

Looking at the mattress alone … the Costco site doesn’t show the specs of the mattress but you can see them on the Southbay site here and it only uses 3 lb memory foam and the “air comfort layer” is 1.5 lb polyfoam. This would be enough for me to stay away and would also put it in a much lower quality level than most of the Easy Rest mattresses (although I don’t know the specs of the one you’re looking at). Southbay is also not certified through CertiPur or any other agency that I’m aware of (and they were quite nasty when I asked them about this on the phone a few months ago and hung up on me).

The price for the split king adjustable base with massage and wireless remote seems good ($1600) but the combination with the mattress seems like it is more than the mattresses and bases by themselves (the twin mattress is $400 although they don’t sell twin XL mattresses so there is no exact comparison).

As to how any mattress compares with Tempurpedic it would depend on the quality/density and thickness of the foam layers in that specific mattress but you can be sure that in an apples to apples comparison with other manufactures (same layering and quality of foam) that Tempurpedic will be much more than almost anything else which is similar.


Thanks , it’s Easy rest 10" gel max (2 twin XL) I looked on there site and it says it has 4’ of memory foam (5.3 lb), but I’ll double check those specs with the sales guy. I saw fairly good reviews for the Costco one, but when I found your site, I figured it would be well worth it to check it out. Thanks again, Kathy

Hi kathy,

Unfortunately … 99% of the reviews on the internet are about the initial subjective “comfort” of a mattress and written in the few days after a purchase. Very few consumers even know how to tell if a mattress uses good quality materials. In addition to that … if someone buys a “cheap” mattress … a large part of the reviews are more about their excitement with the “deal” they think they got thinking it compares to a high quality memory foam mattress when it doesn’t (again because they don’t know about the low quality of the materials). I read most of the reviews I read with many “grains of salt”.

5.3 lb memory foam is a good quality memory foam. Base foams should be in the range of 1.8 lbs and up unless the mattress is in a lower price range.

Low quality materials can be used to make a very comfortable mattress with a nice “showroom feel” … they just don’t keep their feel and performance nearly as long as higher quality materials.


We went with the easy rest–will let you know what we think after we try it for a while. Thanks for the info! Kathy

Hi Kathy,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to your feedback on the Easy Rest when you’ve had the chance to sleep on it for a time.