Ebay Mattress... what do you think?

I have a rather tight budget & have been reading around the forum here for a little bit.

This seems like a decent choice at my price point (under $400) and the details & feedback look really good for the price.

made for 100% American Made products
3" 5lb KoolComfort memory foam over 7" of 2.2 density with a 33 pound ild base foam

over 13,000 ratings of seller at 100% positive


What do you think? Is there something I’m missing?

Hi frugalri,

I would do some significant research on this vendor and the accuracy of their listings before making a purchase from them (see post #2 here).

I would also make very sure that the listed specs are accurate (your google research will bring up more information about this), ask them some very specific questions about how they calculate foam densities, and confirm the shipping weight both before and after a purchase although if it’s after a purchase then it would probably be too costly to return the mattress if they were incorrect.

I would be VERY cautious here.


Thanks. I’m glad I asked.