Eco Friendly Durable, Comfortable Mattress??

Searching for any variety of these words yields about a dozen seemingly US based manufacturers luckily for me many of whom are on the East Coast. My husband and I bought an awful Klufts several years ago at a Bloomingdales clearance center and we are constantly disappointed by it. We now have a 5 year old ready fro her first twin mattress (she is petite) and we are looking for an eco-friendly, low voc yet durable mattress for her. She has some developmental delays but no known latex allergies. Natures Rest seems very high priced as do any of the other choices on Naturepedic seems relatively easy to find in a store, but is it truly a “safer” mattress both for our daughter and the environment. After having been scammed with the Klufts we are looking to buy hers first and eventually another for ourselves. We would also like to have it be reasonably priced. Any help? I have read a looked at a couple of the threads but not finding a lot on this topic. My apologies if I missed it…

Hi mftbny,

The first place I would start with any mattress research is post #1 here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines that you will find most helpful.

Post #2 here also has links to some of the more informative and helpful forum posts about mattresses and children and links to some good quality and value sources.

Post #2 here has a lot more information and links about green, ecofriendly, safe, natural, organic and all the other related terms that are often used more for marketing purposes than anything else and in many cases can be as misleading as they can be helpful.