Eco-Mattress Store/PLB

Hello Phoenix,

I’ve been lurking around this site for quite some time now during our search for a mattress and I appreciate all of the information I have found!

We are interested in the PLB latex beds and have narrowed our choices to either the Beautiful model or the Nature. We were able to visit a showroom near our home in Dallas that had these models along with some other PLB mattresses in their showroom. I love the Beautiful model but worry that it may be too soft for us in the long run. We are both on the smaller side…I am 5’2", 110 pounds and my husband is 5"9’ and about 160. I have lower back issues and toss and turn all night on our current set up. My husband can pretty much sleep on anything and be comfortable with no issues so he’s leaving the choice to me. I like a softer bed as I am a side sleeper but also realize that I need good support for my lower back.

I wondered if you have come across the online store during your research? They have both the Beautiful model and the Nature for about $600 less than what we were quoted at the local showroom. I can’t figure out why that is and I worry about making such a large purchase online and being stuck with it if we were to decide that we would prefer a different model. They do offer a 90 day sleep trial on some of their mattresses, but the PLB models do not seem to be included. Do you have any experience with the PLB company as far as their return/exchange policies?

Here is the link to the online storefront:

I appreciate any info you may have.


Hi Sleep_1,

Eco-Mattress Store is connected to JGK Marketing and as you know they offer a range of alternative brand mattresses with good quality and reasonable prices on their site. In my conversations with them they have been helpful and as open as the information they have about their mattresses allows them to be.

They have a couple of advantages because they carry mattresses that are available and can be tested locally in many cases which means that you can test some of the mattresses they carry. They can also act as a “value reference” for a local purchase for these mattresses.

Having said that … in some cases a local purchase will have advantages that have real “value” over an online purchase if you need some kind of service or exchange after your purchase. For example the 90 day trial at Eco Mattress doesn’t apply to the PLB mattresses and for those that are part of their trial offer you are still responsible for return shipping charges which for a complete mattress that needs to be shipped back with truck freight can be significant.

Which is the better direction to go would depend on the level of “risk” you are willing to take on and the recourse you have if your choice of mattress turns out not to be the best for you. The tradeoff of course for the higher risk can be a better price. PLB also controls the advertised prices of their mattresses and in some cases you may find that a better local price is available if you ask. At the very least I would mention to your local outlet that you are looking at other options for the same mattress and is there anything they can do to bring their price more in line and what advantages there may be to purchasing from them. In some cases … someone’s “value equation” may include the importance of a local purchase and supporting a local business on principle alone as long as any premium is within reason. There is no right or wrong on this and each person may have a different list of things that are most important to them.

I should also mention that PLB has two similar lines. One of them is a lower price and uses blended Talalay latex. They call this their “natural” line. The other model lineup uses 100% natural Talalay latex and is more expensive and they call this their “all natural” line. If you are making comparisons it would be important that they were “apples to apples” and comparing the same model of mattress because PLB’s naming convention is rather confusing (and misleading) IMO.

With your smaller size … the Beautiful would be less “risky” because softer latex would be more supportive for your lighter weight but I would still pay particular attention to making sure that your support and alignment on the mattress was good and test for this to the best of your ability in the showroom (see post #11 here)… I would also be aware that PLB has recently changed their models and both may still be available so what you are testing locally may be different from what is available online.

There are also some local manufacturers in the Dallas area that may offer better value than the PLB lineup if they make a mattress that matches your needs and preferences as closely as the PLB. They are listed in post #4 here.

Hope this helps in making the best possible choice for you :).