eco memory mattress ascent 4 & icomfort savant

I have found that I like two mattresses: the eco memory ascent 4 and the icomfort savant. I cannot afford either of these. Can anyone recommend similar mattresses in the $500-700 range for a King mattress. These are both memory foam, but I would consider latex as well. Thank you.

Hi thefussys,

Trying to match one mattress to another using either “specs” or “feel” is an almost impossible job because of the many variables involved. You can read more about “mattress matching” and the 3 ways that it may be possible in post #3 here and the links that it contains. As you will see … it’s much more effective to try to match any mattress you test against a common set of standards instead of against other mattresses which may not be possible to accurately replicate.

An example would be your own experience where two very different mattresses with different materials and layering feel similar to you even though they may feel very different to someone else. You may feel that another mattress is similar to both of these while someone else with a different body type, sleeping positions, or perceptions may feel it is very different. Each person is unique in how they interact with different mattresses and how they feel on a particular mattress.

Your budget is also very low for a good quality memory foam mattress (especially if you also need a foundation) and may mean that you would be looking at lower quality (lower density) materials that won’t last very long and I would tend to avoid materials such as memory foam that is lower than 4 lb density or polyfoam in the base layer that is lower than 1.8 lb density.

You are also not in a budget range that would include even most latex hybrid mattresses (a few inches of latex over a polyfoam support core) which is a more costly material than memory foam.

If you are committed to either a reasonable quality memory foam or latex hybrid mattress … I would consider raising your budget slightly so that you don’t need to buy a cheap low quality mattress that will not have the quality/durability that makes it reasonable value and have to replace it very quickly.

As a reference point … there is a list of online memory foam providers that have some of the best quality/value available in post #12 here which will give you a good sense of what a reasonable memory foam budget may be. There are some great quality/value choices here and some that are close to your budget (mattress only) but still above it.

There is also a list of some of the members of this site who sell online and are very experienced in helping their customers make suitable choices and have some of the best quality/value in the country in post #21 here. There are also some latex hybrid mattresses here which again are close (mattress only) but still above your budget.

There may also be some local factory direct manufacturers or better sleep shops in your area which have good quality/value in lower budget ranges for both memory foam and latex hybrids and if you let me know your city or zip I’d be happy to let you know of any options or possibilities I’m aware of in your area.


I only need the mattress, we have a good platform. I am at 56301. Please also send me links to comparisons between memory foam and latex. I would appreciate info on a list of good quality memeory foam and latex mattresses that I could explore. Thank you

Hi thefussys,

You can read about the pros and cons of latex here and the pros and cons of memory foam here.

In my last post (#2) I included links to online options for memory foam and latex which have many options for both with a wide variety of different options and some of the best quality and value in the country.

Post #2 here includes the better options and possibilities I’m aware of in and around the Minneapolis area. If I have a chance later tonight or tomorrow I’ll take a quick look around Saint Cloud to see if there are any other options that may be worthwhile that are a little closer to you outside of the one in Waite Park that is already on the list (now done … see post #5 here).


PS (Added later) I switched your other post to this topic because my reply would apply to both of them. I’ll try my best to take a look tomorrow for any options that may be available in the area but in the meantime I would focus first on deciding whether you prefer fast response materials (like latex) or slower response materials (like memory foam) in your comfort layers. Were you able to try any latex in your testing to see how it felt compared to the memory foam mattresses you tried?

I would like to add to my chain of posts searching for a GOOD memory foam mattress KING sized aroung $700. To everyone who said I needed to take out a loan and give in that I have to pay more-I would like you to know that I found a FANTASTIC mattress that meets all of the quality requirements AND even has in home delivery and in person customer service from CUSTOM COMFORT BEDS in Waite Park,MN. Thank you Mattress Underground for directing me to this local store - we are in love with our new mattress & we stayed within our budget.

Hi thefussys,

I’m glad the site could help you … and thanks for your feedback about Custom Comfort Beds.

Most of all … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: