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Hi, I just ordered a Twin XL Eco Sleep from APM. Going to put this on a slatted frame. Slats are 3.25" apart. Ordered the Eco sleep with the Bolsa coils. Just wondering if it is advisable to put something(foam, Coir mat) under the coils so they do not sink into the slat spaces? If I need to change the frame is there a recommended frame that would work without adding a layer under the coils?

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Most of all, congratulations on your new mattress from Arizona Premium Mattress Company !:cheer:.
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You are correct… the use of a coir bed rug (or similar product) on top of a slatted surface that has more than the usual 3” gap, is a common solution to prevent the coils from “sinking into the slat spaces”. This will offer a substantial increase in “surface tension” to effectively make the surface more appropriate for items requiring closer slat spacing. This said as it’s always good to check these requirements with the manufacturer before proceeding. As the slats on your base are larger than the recommended less than 3" (which typically wouldn’t void the mattress warranty,) we’ve reached out to Ken from APM today. He confirmed that placing a mat or piece of firmer foam under their Bolsono Coils would be fine and in this case, the slatted surface would not cause any issues to void the bed’s warranty or return. A coconut coir pad or even a Polyfoam mattress pad like this one from Amazon would work in combination with your current slatted frame.

You can always reach out to Arizona Premium directly on their Dedicated Expert Forum to ask more in-depth questions about their products. They are customer-centric oriented and always happy to lend a hand, find solutions, and help customers in any way they can.

You certainly made a great quality/value choice and I’m looking forward to your comments and feedback when you receive your mattress and once you’ve had the chance to try it out for a while.


Thanks for the quick reply Phoenix. Great info. Quick question to get your thoughts. I am going to be putting a Twin Xl & Queen together. Both hopefully will be the Eco Sleeps. I was going to use a strap to wraparound but worried it may put too much pressure on the coils. Any thoughts on what may work to keep these together? We have a large dog that sleeps in bed with us!! Spoiled dog! Thanks

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I can certainly understand wanting to secure the 2 mattresses in some fashion to prevent slippage or damage to the coils - but it may be that the straps would indeed put undue pressure on the mattresses and coils. I am assuming that you are trying to place the 2 different-size mattresses side by side. Ken from APM suggested the use of some Velcro tape. I am thinking that if you use some Rug gripping 4x4’ of Velcro squares like these you can put five on the bottom of one mattress along the long side where the mattresses meet and 5 on the bottom of the other mattress. Making sure that the squares fall on top of the slats or the coir Rug. The seller claims that it’s “ Easy to use and durable, Removable washable & Reusable rug gripping” I am not sure if the adhesive will damage the covers so you may want to reach out to Ken to ask.

If one mattress goes on top of the other you may have a Tower of Pisa situation that can’t possibly accommodate the two of you and the dog. Just in case though … you can stick a few strips on the top of the bottom Mattress and the other side on the bottom of the top mattress…this should provide enough stability to prevent slippage or damage to the Bolsono coils even with your big spoiled doggo! See this 15ft x 2” Adhesive Velcro roll on Amazon from GorillaGrit, for example, for $9.99. In any case, I would suggest reaching out to Ken if you are considering any of these methods, even though he suggested one of them… since you don’t want to void warranty/return policies in case you need an exchange.

Good luck with the new setup and mattresses. Let us know how it works out.

Thanks Phoenix! Yep, we are putting the beds together. I think it would be around the size of a Texas king when put together. I was thinking about getting a special make cover made to put both in but I think the velcro will work great! I appreciate the great info. Great website with great info.

Ordered a twin XL Eco Sleep from APM. Medium firm & Bolsa coils. I have had it now for about 2 weeks. Very pleased! I was worried the firmness may be too firm but seems to be good for me. I have a slatted platform frame so I added a coir bed rug to add some coverage under the coils. First time latex sleeper & very satisfied. If I do want to soften it up down the road do you have any suggestions? 2" topper? thanks

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Hi Vfebattery,

Awesome! Sounds like the sleep system you were considering in your previous post. Trusted Member of the site APM strive to find a great quality sleep solution for consumers, and as Ken agreed, the coconut coir bed rug will provide extra support and a breathability layer on top of the slatted frame. I would give yourself anywhere from 4-6 weeks to ‘break in’ the mattress…then if you want to try a soft topper, APM has a 2" Natural Talalay Topper in both soft (20-24 ILD) and Supersoft (15-19 ILD) as well as 2" Dunlop Latex Topper in soft (19-22 ILD) which are all around $200. Which ever route you go, it seems like you have found a great new mattress! Feel free to let us know your experience once you’ve had some time with it.

~ Basilio

Hi vfebattery,

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    Thanks Phoenix! Yep, we are putting the beds together. I think it would be around the size of a Texas king when put together. I was thinking about getting a special make cover made to put both in but I think the velcro will work great! I appreciate the great info. Great website with great info.

You are most welcome! Thank you for your update. but most importantly I am happy that you are “very pleased” during the first two weeks of sleeping upon your new Eco Sleep from Arizona Premium.:smiley:

The velcro solution should be sufficient to keep the mattresses in place, but if you want to keep things a bit more tidy you could add a cover as well. Ken should be able to help you with this as well.

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I’m looking forward to any new updates you might have and I hope the canine friend is sleeping soundly and approves of the new mattress.

Thanks Phoenix! Great website

Thanks Basilio! I appreciate the info.