EcoMemoryFoam from Anatomic Global

So my internet search for information from this manufacturer has proven futile. I’ve read this this forum significantly and I greatly appreciate the time and effort put into it. I found a local dealer that sells Latex and memory foam as I had not tried a latex bed before. Turns out I didn’t really like it compared to memory foam. I do love my latex pillow however…

Anyway. The place I went had a bed from Anatomic Global that I liked. The brochure from the retailer says it is 2" of 5lb and 2" of 4lb with 2 more layers of standard foam. Since I can’t find any info on the net or any reviews at all I have nothing to go by.

So does anyone have any knowledge of these mattresses? If not, can anyone recommend a good retailer in the San Diego area?

Thank you!!


Hi Adam,

Foamex is the foam supplier for Anatomic Global (and also holds most of its trademarks and is a part owner) which means it is made by a high quality foam manufacturer (they use a foam pouring technology called VPF which results in more breathable memory foam) but with any foam the quality/durability depends on the density.

I would have no problem purchasing a mattress from them provided that the mattress was well priced compared to other good quality 4 and 5 lb memory foams.

It may be worth trying soft (14 - 19 ILD) talalay latex just to make sure how you feel about latex. Latex comes in a wide variety of firmnesses and also has Dunlop and Talalay varieties that can feel very different. Latex can be as firm as a very firm innerspring or as shape conforming and “soft” as memory foam depending on the firmness/softness and type you are trying. Talalay is the preferred latex foam in a comfort layer for most people and while it feels quite different from memory foam … it is similar (some believe slightly better and others slightly less) in its ability to relieve pressure.

There is a thread here with a list of independent mattress manufacturers in the San Diego area.

Hope this helps and let me know if I can help with any other questions



Hello, I an owner EcoMattressStore dot com. We sell all of the anatomic global mattresses. Anatomic Global has now changed their company to FXI. So that is probably why you were not able to find much info on their products under their old name.

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