Ecosa Pure Mattress

Hi guys, I recently purchase an Ecosa Pure Mattress ( ) because of its latex / / micro oils / springs combo which yI thought would be awesome.

Prior to that, I’d had the Ecosa Original Mattress (G-7 Memory Foam Mattress | 5 Layer Support & Comfort | Ecosa) which felt like a slab and gave me all-over back pain despite the Ecosa plush memory foam topper (which ended up giving me more back pain as I sank into it too much). Topper: Memory Foam Mattress Topper | Ultra Plush GEL - Ecosa Australia

After that, I tried the Sleeping Duck Mach II which had so many positive reviews: Queen Sized, King Sized, Double & Single Mattresses | Sleeping Duck Australia

Despite the various firmness adjustments (medium, medium firm, firm), I couldn’t settle into a comfy sleep and the memory foam top was weird in that I kept sinking into it. I also got middle to upper back pain so I returned the mattress.

I then tried the Peacelily Latex Mattress which was so promising as it’a eco friendly and also felt really comfy when I lay down on it (Medium setting). Natural Latex Mattresses | Queen, King, Single + | Peacelily

However whenever I woke up I had all-over back pain. I shifted to the Firm setting but it was too hard and my joints felt stiff (plus still having the back pain). I then added the Plush topper Mattress Topper | Buy Sustainable Mattress Topper Online

However although the topper felt really nice to lie on I just felt the mattress as a whole felt like a giant jelly roll and wasn’t providing me enough support. So I returned it and kept the topper.

By the way, I tried the Ecosa original mattress for 2 years, and both Sleeping Duck and Peacelily for 3 months as they had 100 Day trials.

I’m now on the Ecosa Pure ( ) and I had such great hopes for it as I love the feel of latex but even on its softer (medium firm setting) I get arm and shoulder pains as well as neck pains. The positive is that the upper back to lower back pains have settle down. Although, with the arm and shoulder discomfort, am starting to get a bit of pain between the shoulder blades / upper back again.

I am using the Peacelily plush topper (Mattress Topper | Buy Sustainable Mattress Topper Online) which is 6cm of D65 comfort feel on top of the Ecosa Pure (aka the new slab) but still having the shoulder / arm / neck pains.

For context I’m a mostly side sleeper, weigh 56kg and have a smallish frame. I am using a sliced memory foam pillow which is super comfy and has helped with the worst of the neck pain so far - but I feel my mattress is still too hard :frowning:

Would love any advice on what else I can do. I’m 2 months into a 100 day trial with the Ecosa Pure. Ecosa has funnily enough offered me a free memory foam topper (Memory Foam Mattress Topper | Ultra Plush GEL - Ecosa Australia) to go on top of the latex but I haven’t taken them
Up on it yet, given it didn’t help me in the past when I tried it with the original Ecosa.

Would also love to know if anyone else has had experience with the Ecosa Pure and whether it softens over time.

Thank you.