Encasement for bed bugs

Is there an encasement for the base of the adjustable bed?

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I’m not aware of such an encasement, as you’d have to disassemble the entire base unit and detach the decking from the frame network, motors, central brain and massage units, and then encase everything with a bedbug-proof encasement, and then reattach everything to the decking. And then you’d have to make sure that whatever encasement you used was flexible enough to allow for the head and foot sections to move through their entire ranges of motion. The best you can usually do is use a fitted sheet style mattress protector over the adjustable bed base, and even then you may have to cut holes in it for the mattress retaining brackets.


Keep in mind that the most important item to encase is the box spring since it has the most hiding places and is the most difficult to treat. I would recommend you to try contacting the manufacturer to see if they have any tips regarding this. If you want, you may get in contact with an exterminator bed bugs, who can able to provide you tips on how to get rid with bed bugs, because bed bugs can harbor deep in the hollows of mattresses with holes.


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