Englander lindsay

Have found an Englander Nature’s finest Lindsay pillow top mattress. It is comfortable but not sure about materials. they are as follows: 3" of 2 lb. hr super soft poly foam; 3" natural latex (all of the above on decking); 5" of 2 lb hr super firm poly foam base; tack and jump quilt design; 2" high resilient super soft poly foam plus 3/4" flame retardant protection.

Choices are very limited in my area, would like to buy local if possible but most choices are the name brands or off-brand innerspring. Not exactly sure about the poly foam, but the latex is a little encouraging.

Any opinions?

Hi plenoch,

I think the first comment I would make is that this is not a “latex mattress” but a “latex hybrid” that combines latex with polyfoam in it’s construction and is not as costly as an actual latex mattress where all (or at least the great majority) of the mattress is made from latex.

The layers you posted (just to show them in order) appear to be as follows …

Cover and quilting: Quilted tack and jump style but unknown material.

Fire retardant: (unknown type)

2" HR supersoft polyfoam: This is unlikely to be HR foam but the density is unknown. Where there is 2" or more polyfoam in the upper layers it’s a good idea to know the density of every layer.


3" of 2 lb HR supersoft polyfoam: This is not HR (High Resilience) but actually HD (high density) polyfoam. It’s a good quality material.

3" natural latex: They don’t include any information about the type or blend of the latex (natural can mean many things in latex materials).

5" of 2 lb HR polyfoam: This is a firmer support core but once again it is HD and not HR polyfoam although it is good quality.

I would make sure that you find out the density of the top 2" layer of polyfoam in the quilting because this is likely to be the weakest link of this mattress. It would also be important to realize that the top 5" of the mattress which accounts for most of what you feel and is the most important factor in its durability is actually polyfoam not latex. The latex layer is more of a transition layer in between the top 5" of comfort materials and the firmer support layers below it and not really part of the comfort layers itself so this wouldn’t be the same as a mattress where the top layer was latex and there was only a thin quilting layer on top of it.

If the quilting polyfoam is good quality (preferably 1.8 lb or higher) then the rest of the materials are good quality but it wouldn’t be the same as a latex mattress or even a latex hybrid where the latex itself is the majority of the comfort layers (and the majority of what you would feel on the mattress). If it is slightly less (such as 1.5 lb) then it may still be suitable for a lower budget mattress because compressing the polyfoam with a tack and jump design or with quilting can add to it’s durability but there would be a greater risk of foam softening and impressions over time.

This is more of a mattress that could legitimately be called a polyfoam mattress with a layer of latex in the middle.


Thanks for the advice! I’m trying to get some additional info on the pillow top, hopefully will find out more soon.

This website rocks…!!