Enso mattress opinion?

Hi Suzi860,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with Enso.

Over the course of a few months I have often tried to phone both Enso and Klaussner to ask a few questions about their mattress and I have not reached a live person once. They have also not returned several messages. Not very impressive!

Hi Ceanes,

While the Enso mattresses certainly look nice … their value based on what is in them is open to question. They use 3, 4, and some 5 lb memory foam and are made by Zinus (a Chinese CertiPur certified manufacturer who makes many different brands including Spa Sensations, Night Therapy, Keetsa, Vivon and others).

I personally would never consider a mattress where I don’t know the details of the foam and layering inside it or where a retailer doesn’t easily provide this information because this is the only meaningful way to compare mattresses. This thread may be helpful if you are committed to a memory foam mattress in the lower budget range or considering an online purchase.

The closest manufacturers that may be close to you are …

Find an Original Mattress Factory Store Richmond, VA area. Regional factory direct manufacturer. Makes a range of mattresses including a two sided latex mattresses and two high quality memory foam models along with many traditional innerspring mattresses. Good quality and value.

http://sleepessentials.com/ or http://www.perfectlatexmattress.com/ Henrico, Roanoke, VA. Local factory direct manufacturer who makes some good quality and value natural Dunlop and Talalay latex mattresses. Made without fire retardants so requires a prescription from a health professional for those who wish to completely avoid fire retardant chemicals in their mattress. They knowledgeable, open, and transparent about what they make although I would take some of the information on their videos with a grain of salt because some of it is somewhat inaccurate or misleading.

Contact Us - Dealer & Customer Inquiries | Savvy Rest Charlottesville, VA. Small national manufacturer that makes component latex mattresses with a choice of two, three, or four 3" layers and a wool quilted cotton cover. Good quality materials and a great place to test layered latex mattresses but they are also in a more premium price range so I would make some careful value comparisons with other similar mattresses.

http://winndom.com/retailers/ Regional mattress manufacturer sold through retail outlets. They make a range of mattresses and provide good service and value and work closely with their retailers (and have a list of them on their site). All of their outlets would have access to the detailed specs of their mattresses. Michelle at http://www.bedcraftersbymichelle.com/ is one of their retailers that works very closely with them and is an excellent resource for any information about their mattresses you may need even if you are not in her general area.

I took a look in the Charlottesville/Lynchburg/Waynesboro area to see if there were some retailers in the area who carry alternative local, regional, and national brands that may have better value than larger national brands. I included the brands they carry that I would tend to focus on but the most important part of looking at these would be to call first to make sure they are transparent about the layers and materials in their mattresses (such as the density of any memory foam, the type of latex, any polyfoam used in the mattress and the density of any polyfoam used) either online or in person so that you can make meaningful comparisons between mattresses. In some cases these may also be a source of good quality and value.

http://www.beds4u2.com/ Lynchburg, VA. Paramount. Knowledgeable and open about materials and they also provide specs on their mattresses to the degree possible. Latex, gel foam, memory foam, innerspring.

http://www.mattoutlet.com/ Lynchburg and many others in the VA area. Talked with Steve here and he is low key but knows his stuff. All their outlets may not have the same knowledge as he does. Carries memory foam, gel foam, and innersprings made by Corsicana, Symbol. has a good relationship with all his factories and has access to the specs. No latex (tends towards lower budgets) Good people. Also in Christiansburg, Wilson, Fisherville, Greensboro, Kernersville, Newport news, Burlington, Virginia Beach, Greenville, Richmond, Wilmington, Harrisonburg, Winston-Salem.

https://www.rhomestore.com/Contact.php New Market, VA. Sleepworthy

http://undertheroof.stores.yahoo.net/naorlamase.html Waynesboro, VA. Natura

http://stores.virginiamattresswholesale.com/ Waynesboro, VA. Park Place

http://www.sleepprosusa.com/ Taunton, VA. Pure Talalay Bliss, Park Place.

http://www.mattressgalleryva.com/home.php Charlottesville, VA. Winndom, Paramount bedding

http://atlanticorganicsleepshop.com/ Charlottesville, VA. Pure Talalay Bliss and Natura

http://www.hendersonsfurniture.com/ Forest, VA. Winndom, OMI, Savvy Rest (NOTE ADDED: they are apparently going out of business so their selection may be limited).

http://sleeponit.com/ Harrisonburg, VA. Park Place, Pure Talalay Bliss.

The Richmond, VA list is in post #5 here.

the Roanoke/Christiansburg, VA list is in post #5 here.

There is one other factory direct manufacturer that would be well worth a visit for those in the Richmond area that are comfortable with a little longer drive. They are …

www.cozypure.com/ Norfolk, VA. Local factory direct manufacturer. They are a member of this site which means I believe they are among the “best of the best”. They make a range of very high quality and beautiful natural latex mattresses and a latex innerspring hybrid along with a complete range of natural and organic bedding products. Options include various layering choices and side to side split layering as well (each side customized for each person on the mattress). Cheryl the owner is passionate about all things natural, organic, and green and their factory is completely energy independent (solar, wind, and thermal energy). Their mattresses are higher quality and better value than what you would find in a major brand or chain store but are also in a more premium range than some of the other members here. They take a more holistic approach to a mattress purchase however and a mattress purchase gives you membership in their cuddle up club and a lifetime discount on all their bedding products so their value is ongoing long after the mattress purchase itself. They are a great choice for those who prefer high quality natural and organic mattresses and bedding products made by one of the greenest manufacturers in the country. You can see a review and some pictures in this thread.

Hope this helps