Enso mattress opinion?


I am new to this site and need some help. I have been looking lately at getting a memory foam mattress. I have not heard much about this brand. Their price point seems pretty great, just need to see if anyone has any thoughts or experiences with them. I have laid on a few models and they seem nice. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

I weight about 210lbs, and I sleep on my side, and would prefer a soft mattress

Their website doesn’t seem to give a ton of information.

I am open to suggestions on all models and btw I live in central Virginia if that helps with other places to try out

Thanks again

Don’t do it! I have been in a back & forth fight with Klaussner (the manufacturer) and the local store I bought the 16" Solidarity since September 12. The date on the tag was 5/2010, that should have been my first clue. The mattress was so hard I was in tears. Someone suggested I take off the cover & see if possibly it was assembled upside down, the harder foam base on top. What I discovered was a 9" mattress that was falling apart where the corners were glued. This mattress doesn’t match anything in their catalogs. It is also 100% polyurethane- not visco elastic. Klaussner has terrible customer service & is rated F-. I found their corporate directory & was able to get through to a “real” person. They asked me to send the photos I had taken of the mattress. I heard back. When I called again they told me that obviously somehow I had gotten a defective mattress. No apologies, explanations etc. Defective is one thing, a substitute mattress in the correct covering is fraud.
There are so many other off brands that have great reputations, stay away from Enso.


Hi Suzi860,

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with Enso.

Over the course of a few months I have often tried to phone both Enso and Klaussner to ask a few questions about their mattress and I have not reached a live person once. They have also not returned several messages. Not very impressive!

Hi Ceanes,

While the Enso mattresses certainly look nice … their value based on what is in them is open to question. They use 3, 4, and some 5 lb memory foam and are made by Zinus (a Chinese CertiPur certified manufacturer who makes many different brands including Spa Sensations, Night Therapy, Keetsa, Vivon and others).

I personally would never consider a mattress where I don’t know the details of the foam and layering inside it or where a retailer doesn’t easily provide this information because this is the only meaningful way to compare mattresses. This thread may be helpful if you are committed to a memory foam mattress in the lower budget range or considering an online purchase.

The closest manufacturers that may be close to you are …

Find an Original Mattress Factory Store Richmond, VA area. Regional factory direct manufacturer. Makes a range of mattresses including a two sided latex mattresses and two high quality memory foam models along with many traditional innerspring mattresses. Good quality and value.

http://sleepessentials.com/ or http://www.perfectlatexmattress.com/ Henrico, Roanoke, VA. Local factory direct manufacturer who makes some good quality and value natural Dunlop and Talalay latex mattresses. Made without fire retardants so requires a prescription from a health professional for those who wish to completely avoid fire retardant chemicals in their mattress. They knowledgeable, open, and transparent about what they make although I would take some of the information on their videos with a grain of salt because some of it is somewhat inaccurate or misleading.

Contact Us - Dealer & Customer Inquiries | Savvy Rest Charlottesville, VA. Small national manufacturer that makes component latex mattresses with a choice of two, three, or four 3" layers and a wool quilted cotton cover. Good quality materials and a great place to test layered latex mattresses but they are also in a more premium price range so I would make some careful value comparisons with other similar mattresses.

http://winndom.com/retailers/ Regional mattress manufacturer sold through retail outlets. They make a range of mattresses and provide good service and value and work closely with their retailers (and have a list of them on their site). All of their outlets would have access to the detailed specs of their mattresses. Michelle at http://www.bedcraftersbymichelle.com/ is one of their retailers that works very closely with them and is an excellent resource for any information about their mattresses you may need even if you are not in her general area.

I took a look in the Charlottesville/Lynchburg/Waynesboro area to see if there were some retailers in the area who carry alternative local, regional, and national brands that may have better value than larger national brands. I included the brands they carry that I would tend to focus on but the most important part of looking at these would be to call first to make sure they are transparent about the layers and materials in their mattresses (such as the density of any memory foam, the type of latex, any polyfoam used in the mattress and the density of any polyfoam used) either online or in person so that you can make meaningful comparisons between mattresses. In some cases these may also be a source of good quality and value.

http://www.beds4u2.com/ Lynchburg, VA. Paramount. Knowledgeable and open about materials and they also provide specs on their mattresses to the degree possible. Latex, gel foam, memory foam, innerspring.

http://www.mattoutlet.com/ Lynchburg and many others in the VA area. Talked with Steve here and he is low key but knows his stuff. All their outlets may not have the same knowledge as he does. Carries memory foam, gel foam, and innersprings made by Corsicana, Symbol. has a good relationship with all his factories and has access to the specs. No latex (tends towards lower budgets) Good people. Also in Christiansburg, Wilson, Fisherville, Greensboro, Kernersville, Newport news, Burlington, Virginia Beach, Greenville, Richmond, Wilmington, Harrisonburg, Winston-Salem.

https://www.rhomestore.com/Contact.php New Market, VA. Sleepworthy

http://undertheroof.stores.yahoo.net/naorlamase.html Waynesboro, VA. Natura

http://stores.virginiamattresswholesale.com/ Waynesboro, VA. Park Place

http://www.sleepprosusa.com/ Taunton, VA. Pure Talalay Bliss, Park Place.

http://www.mattressgalleryva.com/home.php Charlottesville, VA. Winndom, Paramount bedding

http://atlanticorganicsleepshop.com/ Charlottesville, VA. Pure Talalay Bliss and Natura

http://www.hendersonsfurniture.com/ Forest, VA. Winndom, OMI, Savvy Rest (NOTE ADDED: they are apparently going out of business so their selection may be limited).

http://sleeponit.com/ Harrisonburg, VA. Park Place, Pure Talalay Bliss.

The Richmond, VA list is in post #5 here.

the Roanoke/Christiansburg, VA list is in post #5 here.

There is one other factory direct manufacturer that would be well worth a visit for those in the Richmond area that are comfortable with a little longer drive. They are …

www.cozypure.com/ Norfolk, VA. Local factory direct manufacturer. They are a member of this site which means I believe they are among the “best of the best”. They make a range of very high quality and beautiful natural latex mattresses and a latex innerspring hybrid along with a complete range of natural and organic bedding products. Options include various layering choices and side to side split layering as well (each side customized for each person on the mattress). Cheryl the owner is passionate about all things natural, organic, and green and their factory is completely energy independent (solar, wind, and thermal energy). Their mattresses are higher quality and better value than what you would find in a major brand or chain store but are also in a more premium range than some of the other members here. They take a more holistic approach to a mattress purchase however and a mattress purchase gives you membership in their cuddle up club and a lifetime discount on all their bedding products so their value is ongoing long after the mattress purchase itself. They are a great choice for those who prefer high quality natural and organic mattresses and bedding products made by one of the greenest manufacturers in the country. You can see a review and some pictures in this thread.

Hope this helps


Suzi, I believe some of your information is incorrect because you have not actually been dealing with Klaussner Industries which does own Enso Sleep. I believe you have been dealing with Klaussner Furniture a retailer that resells furniture and mattresses and does indeed have a “F” bbb rating which you can check here: Klaussner Home Furnishings | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Klaussner Industries has an A rating with the BBB verify at this link : Klaussner Furniture Industries, Inc. | Better Business Bureau® Profile]

Enso does not make a 9" mattress, After over 30 years in the mattress business and a proud seller of Enso Sleep Systems products I must say they have been a great company to deal with and I have not had any issues with their products. You might have ended up with something other than a Enso Sleep Product of which you can verify by looking at the law label on the foot of the mattress. If the law label has been removed or stamped VOID then there is no telling what you actually received. It would be nice if you could check this and repost.
Sorry youre having problems. I’ll be glad to help if in fact it is an Enso Sleep product and was sold with a warranty.

Hi dotcomdave,

Your BBB links weren’t working right so I hope its OK that I fixed them.

I checked each one and the whole “Klaussner” name is somewhat confusing.

Klaussner Furniture industries with a head office in Asheboro, NC is the one who owns Enso, is not registered with the BBB and has an A- rating. Strangely enough though … their BBB contact has an @klaussner.com domain

www.Klaussner.com leads to Klaussner Home Furnishings which is also not registered with the BBB and is the one that has a rating of F. They too have a head office in Asheboro, NC according to their website and have the same address as Klaussner Furniture Industries even though the BBB site lists them as being in Raleigh, NC.

Enso Sleep has the same address as both of the above (in Asheboro).

An internet search for “Klaussner home furnishings” also comes up with Klaussner Home Furniture based in Wichita, KS which is registered with the BBB and has an A+ rating along with listings for the Klaussner.com and a sister site Klaussnerhome.com

This could get confusing but could you clarify which Klaussner you are referring to as the “other” (not Enso) one because it seems that both of your BBB links appear lead to the same company at www.klaussner.com

Would the real Klaussner Furniture Industries and the owner of Enso Sleep please stand up? I’d sure love to set the record straight.


Not sure where you bought your Enso Sleep mattress. Enso is merely a Trademark name used for marketing purposes. The overall parent company who manufactures the mattress line in Cinemark out of Europe, with plants world wide. In Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia and most of the Asian contenent, over 80% of all memory foam mattresses sold are poured by a division of Cinemark.

The Solidarity mattress was a bad concept from the get go and Klaiussner dropped that mattress in just a few months after taking on the line due to the problems of that particular mattress model.

And yes, the plant that currently manufactures the Enso lines is in China. However, they have to manufacture according to the guidelines of the CertiPur-US specifications - CertiPur is not just a label - it a guarantee on manufacturing based on environmentally stringent quality guidelines. (FYI Serta’s iComfort line has the majority of it’s foams manufactured overseas, as does Simmons, Sealy, Stearns & Foster, etc - this is a global economy these days).

Klaussner has the distribution rights to the Enso line in the US. Unfortunately, it has taken Klaussner some time to be able to get their hands around the mattress business. They have been a furniture manufacturer for over 70 years and were stuck in that furniture mentality. From the dealers I have contacted who carry the Enso lines, Klaussner has made a significant turn around with how they handle their mattress business.

The proper chain of command to follow on any mattress warranty, not just Enso, is first to the dealer from where you purchased the mattress. Most dealers are local people and value their local reputations. As such, they normally act swiftly to correct the problem. Then they merely obtain credit from the manufacture and have the defective product picked up on their next delivery or destroy it per specific guidelines of the manufacturer / distributor. Enso and Klaussner are no different in how they instruct their dealers to handle warranty issues.

Keep in mind, Enso is also no different than any other mattress manufacture, if you have ANY bodily fluid stains on your mattress or it shows signs of misuse or abuse or damage from moving, you’ve just voided your warranty.

Personally, I purchased their new Blue Mist gel infused 12" mattress and have never been happier. After comparing it to Serta iComfort and Simmons Comforpedic Loft gel mattresses, the Blue Mist was just as comfortable and extremely cool. And at less than half the cost. After 6 months of nightly use, there are no signs of body impressions or any shifting in shape. I rotated my mattress head to foot once a month for 90 days, and then once at the end of the first 6 months. Plan is to rotate the mattress as the seasons change for the next 20 years.

I do use a simple, mattress protector (about 1/2 " thick) to protect my mattress investment. It does not in any way impeed the quality or performance of the mattress itself - it just protectes the mattress from stains and spills. The particular mattress protector I purchased is warranted against stains for 10 years, has a moisture barrier and is machine washable with cool water. If ever there is a stain that will not come out, the manufacturer will replace it free of charge - just an 800 call away.

Hi Doc-D-Dwarf,

Interesting post :slight_smile:

There are a couple of things though that I would love to have you clarify.

There is no information on the web for a foam manufacturer called Cinemark and I wonder where you get your information that they pour 80% of all the memory foam mattresses sold. The only reference is a furniture brand sold by Ashley among others. Could you clarify where this information comes from?

As you know … CertiPur is an industry initiative which was meant to differentiate “safe” foam from some of the “less safe” foam that was being poured overseas with lower quality and safety standards. It is not really independent (it’s created by the foam manufacturers themselves rather than being an independent testing company like Oeko-Tex and others) but it’s certainly a step in the right direction IMO and the testing standards are public and similar to Oeko-Tex. It’s taken a while to catch on though. It’s also not a “guarantee” because there is still a great deal of controversy about what constitutes “safe” when it comes to polyfoam and memory foam in particular but it’s a standard that has some degree of assurance that comes with it … even though there are still some who may be much more sensitive to various chemicals who still would need to be wary with any polyfoam or memory foam even when it’s CertiPur certified.

Serta gets it’s gel foam from AUT (Sleep Innovations) and they are an American foam manufacturer. Most of the major brands also use American foam manufacturers rather than Chinese (for example Carpenter is a major supplier to Sealy and FXI and Hickory Springs supplies to Serta and/or Simmons) so if you could supply more information and sources about the major brands using Chinese foam it would be great.

You clearly have some “inside” knowledge here and I appreciate your comments. As you probably also know though … Klaussner hods the trademark for Enso but the foams themselves are poured in China as you also mention. They are certainly nice looking mattresses but they could use a little more disclosure about the density/quality of their foams and use mainly 3 and 4 lb memory foam (although the specs are mostly available online … they are not usually included in descriptions)

As you know if you are in the industry … one persons 6 months experience on a mattress doesn’t say anything about how any one else may do with it or speak to it’s quality. If an Enso mattress lasts anyone for 20 years I’ll eat a horse :slight_smile: Like many manufacturers warranties, Enso has a 1.5" exclusion which means that a successful warranty claim would be rare. Foam softening that leads to the loss of comfort and support (not impressions covered by warranty) is the main reason people need to replace a mattress and is not covered by any warranty.

I agree with you though that the Enso is probably better value than the Serta. The Serta has really weak specs for its price range except for their KoolComfort non gel memory foam which is 5 lb density so it’s not a great quality reference point but a reasonable comparison for the Blue Mist gel would be the Savant (formerly the Revolution).

The gel memory foam is the same density in both (4 lbs) although there’s more of it in the Serta (2.75" vs 2" in the Enso) although the Enso has it on top which means the gel is closer to the body and probably more effective. The Enso tri memory foam layer is only 3-4 lbs vs the Serta 5 lb regular memory foam but it’s fairly deep in the mattress where its lower density would be partly offset by the fact that there are layers above it. The 2" of quick recovery polyfoam in the Blue Mist doesn’t list the quality/density but I doubt it would be worse than the 1" serta comfort foam which is 1.35 lbs although it’s thicker so any softening in this layer would have more of an effect on the mattress. They also don’t list the density of the base foam but again I doubt it would be worse than the 1.5 lb density of the Serta.

So overall … while the Serta has better specs overall … I don’t think the difference would be enough to justify the price difference between them and even though the Enso is an “entry level” memory foam mattress in terms of quality and price … the “value” is probably better.

So thanks again for your post … and I sure would appreciate some information or a website that either identifies who Cinemark is or more about their foam pouring or where your information came from that they were supplying 80% of the world’s memory foam.


Well folks. Its been over a year since anyone commented on the Enso product, specifically on the Blue Mist line (Doc-D-Dwarf).

We actually bought a Sterns & Foster a lil’ over a year ago and w/in 6 mos had sagging. Since this past summer I have significant back pain and my husband also began having back pain. Our Chiro stated “if both of you are having low back pain…it’s probably your mattress.” Needless to say we have spent the last week researching and driving all over town to find a quality mattress.

We found the Enso Blue Mist (memory gel foam) and purchased it today. It will be delivered on Tues, 22 Oct 2013. Doc-D-Dwarf was the only review on the Blue Mist we found, but did find many “good-very good” reviews on the Dream Weaver. We looked at the Dream Weaver and liked the feel of it but didn’t like the lack of side support (sat on the edge of the bed and it collapsed quite a bit).

Will post our first review after 30 days.

Hi Moore,

Did you happen to find out the density of all the layers in the Enso Blue Mist? This would be useful information and would say more about the likely durability of the mattress than a review after 30 days which would really only speak to the suitability of your choice for your specific needs and preferences (or how well you chose a mattress that was a good “match” for you). Of course I’m always happy for the members here to share their experience with any mattress.

Here are the specs I know of the Enso Blue Mist with a few comments …

2" 4 lb. PureGel® Infused Memory Foam: Medium quality memory foam
PureGel Spheres®: poured into holes in the top memory foam layer.
2" Quick Recovery Convoluted Foam: They don’t mention the density of this layer and it could be a “weak link” in the mattress
2.5" 3-4 lb. Tri-Tech Memory Foam: This is also on the low side in terms of memory foam density.
6" HD Polyurethane base foam: Density isn’t mentioned although it’s unlikely to be the weak link of the mattress which is usually in the upper layers.

Overall there are two layers in this mattress with a total of 4.5" of foam that could be a potential weak link regarding foam softening and breakdown and possibly the more rapid loss of comfort and support over time.

If you are in a lighter weight range the lower density foams would probably have less effect on the useful life of the mattress.



Unfortunately I do not. I only know exactly what you have listed. Honestly, wasn’t something we thought of (educated on) to ask. Will only be able to test drive it and post results later on. As for weight, I’m 145-150 and my husband is 200-210.


Hi Moore,

For those who are in the range of 200 lbs or so I would tend to focus more on higher density memory foams and minimize the use of densities lower than 5 lbs to no more than an inch or two at most.


Hello Everyone,
I am hoping to get a little more feedback on this product. I am looking to purchase the Caress 13" Classic French Duvet foam mattress by Enso Sleep Systems. It felt great to lay on and the pricing for a queen was knocked down to $650 for the mattress, so I think that I’m getting a deal (which doesn’t always mean you are getting a deal :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’m fairly new to mattress buying and just want to make sure I’m not making a mistake.

The specs are:
Top layer: 3" Baffled Premium Enso memory foam clusters, 300 thread count cover, non-skid protective dust cover
Next layer: 2" High resiliency polyurethane foam
Next layer: 2" Cool airflow support foam. Description states “feel of latex withe the performance of memory foam”. This layer is encased with a foam border, to increase side support.
Base layer: 6" HD Polyurethane foam

I can’t seem to find specific densities as this is everything that was listed on the spec sheet, other than the little extras: cotton, tufted foam, cool airflow support foam, quick recovery foam, active charcoal, mineral water, negative ion, and silver technology.

Thank you for all of your help!

Hi JThibault,

You can read some of my thoughts about Enso (one of many Zinus brands) in post #2 here and a forum search on Enso (you can just click this) will bring up more feedback as well.

I would never buy any mattress where they don’t provide the density of the foams they use (so you can make sure there are no obvious weak links and can make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses) and they tend to use lower density memory foam than I would be comfortable with (see the memory foam guidelines here) although they are CertiPur certified. “Pieces” of memory foam would also be less durable than a solid layer of memory foam.


Thank you!