Evan "The Bergster" Bergo Hears a Squeeky Mattress from the Floor Above

So I was sitting there on Wednesday, just chilling like the villain I am. All of a SUDDEN I hear some squeeky squeeky coming from the floor above me. Thinking the you know what (love is what I’m talking 'bout) I SUDDENLY rip my pants off and get to it. :stuck_out_tongue: Boyyyyy oh boyyyyy was it some of the best ever!!

So after I finished I quickly cleaned up and went about my day. I saw some ambulances outside and though “Gee wee wonder what those are for”!!! I saw some of those doctas (man what a nice piece of ass) rush to the floor above me. When they returned, they had a naked old man rolled out on the stretcher.

Sooooooo little did I know I just jacked into to an old man having a stroke. What a bad mattress he had since it made that much squeeky squeeky. Should’ve bought memory foam.

No sweat, boba fett