Experiences with Latex mattresses that have split layers for his and her sides

I am considering buying a latex mattress that is split down the middle so my Wife and I can adjust our sides separately. Does anyone have any downsides to doing this? I am concerned that you will be able to feel the split if the layers are different and that could be irritating.

Also, does anyone know if this setup will affect using the mattress with an adjustable base?

Hi I Need sleep,

Post #2 here talks about the pros and cons of split layering and some of the factors that will make the split more or less noticeable. In general though … I think for most people the benefits outweigh any down side.

Hopefully others will see this and post some of their personal experiences as well.

The split layering will be fine with an adjustable base. If for any reason the layers shift at all (which is unlikely) they are easy to re-adjust as well with a zip cover.