Extra Soft Latex for Presto

Hi Mario,
I have been on the TMU website for about a month and I have researched and researched some more and made a decision that I would go with a full/double latex mattress and your Presto mattress was very interesting to me as I liked the idea of being able to change the comfort level and also the price seems very good for an all latex mattress. I am an hour and half north of Toronto so took several different days to go and lay on some latex mattresses and get an idea of what I prefer and costs. I have discovered that I really prefer a very soft feeling mattress as I have shoulder issues (I am a female 5’9" and weight 164 pounds) and that I may just have to save a little more money to get what I really like. I fell in love with the Green Sleep Ergo Hevea Dolcezza (Dunlop latex 3" firm/3" soft/3" soft/1.5" extra soft - did not get the idls). Also like the Dormio Wakefield (Dunlop latex 6" medium 28-30 idl/3" extra soft 11-12 ild/2" extra soft 11-12ild) and a local company in Barrie (Unique Sleep ) offers a 7 zoned custom 100% natural talalay latex mattress with 3-3" layers and a 2" egg crate top layer and I again prefer the softer layers especially in the shoulder area where they would put in an extra soft zone
Are you able to get extra soft Dunlop latex for the presto mattress, something closer to 11-12 ild.

Hi Railroader,

Our supplier doesn’t recommend using Organic Dunlop Latex densities below 65 kg/m3 in a mattress. The softest latex we carry is 18-20 ILD in soft.

Sorry I can’t help you further.

All the Best!


Did you ever find one? I also liked that Dormio, am looking for a super soft topper 3" in Toronto…

Hi LJsleep,

We may be wrong, but to the best of our knowledge what we get is the softest possible organic dunlop latex for mattress purposes. It ranges from 16 to 22 ILD and has a density of 65 kg/m3. We have a picture from the latex factory chart in India that we visited and 12 ILD in organic dunlop is not on there and we doubt there’s been some change to that. To create a 11-12 ILD latex your density would need to be between 55-60 kg/m3 and our supplier doesn’t recommend using anything below 65 kg/m3 in a mattress to avoid possible failure issues.

If you want an extra soft latex topper another option is an extra soft Talalay in 12 ILD which would be very plush and you’d nearly sink right through it.

Hope this helps you find what you’re looking for.

All the best

Hi LJsleep,
I have made the decision to have a custom zoned mattress made for me by a company here in Barrie called Unique Sleep. The mattress is 100% natural talalay latex and they are able to give me a very very soft zone in the shoulder area without compromising the alignment of support for my back and they also will work with me to make any necessary changes to the layers as needed. The cost is double the MFC latex presto, slightly higher than the Dormio Wakefield but less than the Green Sleep Ergo Hevea Dolcessa. I was just not comfortable going with the MFC after trying so many latex mattress and realizing that I really needed something quite soft for my shoulders. I figure if I am spending that kind of money for a mattress I should get one the is made specifically for me.

Hi Mario,
I am definitely no expert in latex but the Dormio Wakefield mattress is an all natural Dunlop mattress with a 2" extra soft top layer which they tell me is 11-12 ILD and the Green Sleep also is a Dunlop latex mattress which the salesman at Soma Organic Mattress tells me has a 2" top lay which is 11-12 ILD. I did not confirm the density with either of these mattresses so can make no comment there.

Hey Railroader,

Welcome to our Mattress Forum ?! Hope you are finding the information here useful for researching your new mattress purchase. Also enjoyed your Q & A with Memory Foam Comfort one of TMU’s expert member retailers, they are very responsive and knowledgeable of the mattress industry.

Thanks for sharing the details of your shopping research with our forum members. You will find different people and manufacturers who prefer the properties or “feel” of one material or combination of materials over another but which materials you choose should always be based on personal preference. Any materials in combinations that are suitable for your specific circumstances can provide the combination of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) and that higher quality materials will last longer than lower quality materials.

BTW, which mattress did you decide on, the custom zoned one you mentioned before?


Hi Sensei,

Thank you for the welcome and yes your site has been a wonderful source of information. The research was sometimes very overwhelming but I was determined to figure it out and find what I hope will be a perfect mattress for me. I am a widow so do not have to consider a second person when making the decisions so can add that to a benefit of being on my own LOL. Also didn’t have to consult with someone when making the decision to up the budget.

Yes I decided to go with the custom Talalay mattress made from a local retailer here in Barrie, Ontario. Just made sense when spending that much on a mattress to go with a local supplier with great references and reviews who I can turn to for the life of the mattress (as long as they remain in business). My next step is to get measured and then they will put together the mattress. They will work with me for the first 90 days to make any adjustments at no cost.

Again thank you for an amazing site that really gives us the answers needed to be informed consumers.

That’s great news, Railroader; congratulations on choosing a mattress! When you’ve had a chance to sleep on it for awhile, please check back in and let our TMU forum members know how its working out for you.


Hi Phoenix/Sensei,

I was told to reply to an existing post because new posts can’t be made and you’d see it…

I have read the mattress guide (though I haven’t taken it all in- too much there lol- its basically PhD study) I also haven’t been able to start the mattress buying process… I am from the North Bay Ontario area and the sellers listed by Phoenix in 2013 no longer carry latex at all so I didn’t bother trying out different comfort layers

a little about me though, I’m a 130lb 5’11 hemiplegic https://bit.ly/2XAQ9oR
what the illustration is missing, however, is that my left side has a reduced mass. but as you can see in the diagram, my left shoulder is quite small and hunched, and my hip sticks out a lot.

I am mostly a left side sleeper (60-80%) and then I roll onto my back when the side isn’t doing it for me. as you might imagine, my shoulder and hip bears most of my load. I do move my legs back and forth though, sometimes my right leg goes forward and therefore my right knee might bear some weight.

I plan to go to Barrie next week to look, including at Unique sleep cited in this post (but not followed up with a review, unfortunately…) they make a 7-zone full tallalay mattress. I do like the idea of zoning because of my dissability, but as all of these layers and zones are replaceable, they must not be glued, so i’d be concerned about shifting… is that a valid concern? They are also very expensive
(Queen size is $2995, 10" $3595, 12" $4195…
King 9" $3850, 10" $4495, 12" $5250)
do these prices sound realistic?

I know in this forum you prefer to give advice on “how to decide” rather than give direct advice, but, do you think zoning is going to be worth it? Its also hard to try all these things myself given my geographic location… I’ve been told having latex in a core layer isn’t really necessary and foam will do it- that latex is more important in the comfort layer… do you agree?

One final question would be for recommendations on stores in Barrie that will sell what will suit my needs?

replying with the website url because i can’t edit posts: unite - Tailored mattresses | Unique Sleep

Hi A-Raw,

I can’t speak for their mattress, but we have a loose layered organic latex mattress and the layers do not shift because of the fitted cover and the fact that the latex layers are quite sticky when placed on top of each other. The best is to see once you’re there in the store and ask the salesman about the construction of their mattress.

[quote]They are also very expensive
(Queen size is $2995, 10" $3595, 12" $4195…
King 9" $3850, 10" $4495, 12" $5250)
do these prices sound realistic?[/quote]
Yes, that seems right for such a quality mattress

Because of your unique health condition, this mattress may be just right for you. You’ll only be able to tell once you try it in person.

Yes, that is true, however latex will outlast polyurethane foam

I’m sorry but I don’t, maybe somebody else on this forum can recommend a place for you.

Good luck in your search and please let us know what you decided to buy.

All the best

Thank you for your response…

Can you quantify foam vs latex in the core layer using longevity and cost?

For example the Queen above is $2995 and I could probably get a tallalay comfort layer with 4 inches or so ontop of foam for let’s say $1500… For simplicity, let’s call it half the price…

A full latex bed will last 25-30 years presumably… how long will the foam one last?

My understanding is that the comfort layer wears out faster than the core anyway so does the longevity of the core even matter?

One of the benefits of going with the 7 zone custom mattress is that they do single-layer replacements so I could keep the same bed and just replace the layer I need rather than the full bed… although 25 years is an extremely long time so maybe I’m overthinking it lol

Hi A-Raw,

2 lbs HD (high density) foam will last anywhere from 10-15 years in the core layer depending on use and weight of the sleepers

Yes, the core matters for orthopedic support

Yes, that’s one of benefits over a conventional mattress. Many shoppers now prefer to buy a mattress that will stay with them for a few decades compared a big box mattress that mostly last 5-7 years. These types of mattresses eliminate the need to discard a complete mattress, when only a single layer needs to be changed or replaced. The result is less waste in our environment and more money in your pocket!

Hope this helps you,

All the best!

I went to look at the custom mattress today and it is nice and zoning fits my needs but it is also very expensive.

I went to look at the dreamStar natural escape which is also a 7 zone mattress but not custom on 4 inches of talalay comfort but HD foam support. The lady mentioned that it was “very HD” and something like 5.5 whatever metric per square inch (can’t remember the metric)

The dream was essentially just as comfortable as the full latex floor model (but the custom one having custom zones was a bit more suitable and they give 90++ days to find your perfect softness)

It’s hard to justify paying 2-3x the price for something very similar though. Can anyone make it easier?

Hi A-Raw,

I’m happy you went and tried both options and that they both suit your needs. Personally, I’d choose something with some customization options, because you’ll only really know if a mattress is right for you after sleeping on it for a few weeks. By choosing a customizable mattress you’ll be able to fine tune the support and comfort and increase your odds of making the mattress just right for you. What are your options if the Dreamstar does not work for you?

Hi MFC, I made my own post about my issues with my bed. Can you please check it out?