Extremely Urgent Advice Needed On Mattress Choice..........Please Help !

i’m hoping to get advice on 2 mattresses of the same brand i’m deciding on and i’m most concerned about the durability of the comfort layer since the innersprings for both are identical and very sturdy. i’m about 155 pounds and sleep mostly on my back

  1. 2-sided mattress tight-top (which flipping should give better durability) but with only high density PU foam in comfort layer, also a little too firm right now but reckon it’ll soften with time.

  2. non-flip mattress (not quite tight-top but definitely not plush/pillow-top) - has high resilient PU foam top layer, a latex layer in the middle and a high density PU foam layer beneath - feels firm too.

so which one should give a longer useful life ? i was ready to buy the 2-sided tight-top but really worried the high density PU foam comfort layer won’t last long even with regular flipping of the mattress.

Hi mwaylang,

I’d be happy to share my thoughts about the mattresses but I would need more information about both of them.

When you are looking at specs … you need the thickness of all the layers and also the density of any polyfoam (or memory foam) in the mattress and the type and blend percentage of any latex. HR (high resilient) and HD (high density) have little meaning unless they include the density numbers (usually expressed in lbs/ft3) and the thickness of each layer is also an important part of durability.


i’m from Singapore and these kind of information are off-limits to buyers here…

both mattresses are 10 inches thick…so the comfort layer should be 3-4 inches thick…but no other data regarding the foams

Hi swaylang,

I wish I could help more but without more specific layering and density information there is just no way to make any assessments about the mattresses.

The only thing I could suggest is that if the latex in one of your options is good quality, then at least you would know that some of the comfort layers have good quality/durability but this doesn’t take into account that if the other layers are too thick or lower quality polyfoam that they may be the weak link of the mattress.