Eye wrinkles

Hey Phoenix- my wife said I HAVE to tell this story, so other ladies might benefit. She was adamant.
So we’re in the process of getting a new bed made, and my wife mentions to the mattress maker that her souper-dooper all down pillow is hurting her neck. The owner gives her an all latex high loft, rejuvenite pillow. For free! She’s a side sleeper. She has developed some hard parentheses around her eyes the last few years, and figures she’s aging a little.She sleeps on the new pillow one night, and gets up to get ready for work, and starts yelling that her wrinkles are gone! Sure enough, about 90% gone. We figure that she’s been mushing her face into her down pillow while on her side,and was squishing wrinkles into her skin.But with the new pillow, I noticed her sleeping more on her back, and when she is on her side, her head is elevated in a better posture. And her neck doesn’t hurt. Who knew the right pillow could do all that?After one night? She is over the moon, and the bed isn’t even ready yet! Just wanted to share

Hi Ivehadit,

I’ll bet she’s happy!

Some of the cosmetic benefits of back sleeping are mentioned on quite a few sites as well such as here and even in mainstream news such as here so it’s not just “imagination” … although after only one night I would call that “fast results”!

Just wait till she finds out about another potential cosmetic benefit of back sleeping :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your story.



supposedly a silk pillowcase can help with wrinkles too because silk is slippery …