Factory Direct/ Local mattress stores in Charlotte, NC

Curious if anyone knows of any high quality local mattress stores in or around Charlotte, NC (28211). Only one I can seem to find is Orig Mattress Company.


Hi jdormsby,

Post #2 here should be helpful :slight_smile:


Perfect. Thanks!

Not sure if you already purchased your mattress but for anyone else using this thread to look for mattress stores in Charlotte. There is a new store called TruSleep Organics which opened in the Ballantyne area. They are a SavvyRest reseller. I haven’t gone in the store yet but i hear the owners are both very nice. Hoping to get in there this week to finally test out a latex bed. :slight_smile:

Hi virferox,

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

I’ve added them as a possibility to the Charlotte list. The Savvy Rest component latex mattresses certainly use good quality materials and have good options available to customize the mattress both before and after a purchase (by re-arranging or exchanging layers) but since they are also in a more premium budget range compared to some other similar mattresses I would also make some careful value comparisons based on the parts of your personal value equation that are most important to you.