Factory direct or not?

Hello everyone!

This website has been an amazing resource in my venture to buy a latex mattress and I have come across something new that I need help finding an answer to.

A friend of mine in the furniture business recently told me that it is illegal for a place to truly sell factory direct mattresses. There are some places online and stores that claim to manufacture their own mattresses and sell factory direct, but if what my friend says is true then what they places are claiming can’t be accurate.

I recently went to Escondido Mattress Factory and asked to see one of the manufacturer’s tags on a latex mattress, but it was sealed up so I had to settle for a loose tag that hadn’t been applied to a mattress yet. The extremely helpful and pleasant elderly man however assured me that they manufactured all their own latex mattresses.

I will soon be checking out a few mattress stores in orange county and LA to find out if I can see a few manufacturer tags and find the best mattress/deal for myself but I would like to know if this in house manufacturing direct sale stuff is true or if I’m still buying from some sort of middle man.

Thanks for your help!

Hi browngerman,

You are getting inaccurate information. There are many factory direct manufacturers across the country who actually make their own mattresses and there are also many independent or smaller local brands that also sell wholesale through better sleep shops (what I call “retail direct” rather than “factory direct”). Both of these are great sources of quality and value.

I have no idea why he believes what he does but he is very wrong :slight_smile: