filling in the missing pieces before purchase

So I have finally narrowed my mattress choices to 3 (hopefully for the last time) I am hoping someone has all of the ILDs for the 13" dream foam from amazon. And also would love to know general opinions and if I’m missing anything by selecting these 3. PS I am an average, all positions sleeper.

Ultimate Dreams 13" Gel Memory
3" 4lb gel memory foam ???ILD
2" 5lb memory foam ???ILD
8" 2.35lb support layer

3" 5lb sensus, 14 ILD
2" 1.8lb poly, 28 ILD
2" 1.8lb poly, 32 ILD
3" 1.8lb poly, 40ILD

Invigor 11" at MyLuxury
4" 5lb preserve memory foam, 12 ILD
7" 2.4lb HR flex poly, 36 ILD

Thanks in advance for any comments or recommendations

Hi AlmostMadeMyChoice,

With memory foam ILD is not really relevant (the ILD changes with temperature, humidity, and time) and is not the most important part of how a memory foam feels. It can even be more misleading than anything else. You can read more about the different types of qualities that are more important with memory foam in post #9 here. Of course you could always phone them and they will provide any information that they have available.

Comfort specs will also not have any real meaning for most people unless you have tested specific mattresses with known comfort specs of the same materials that you can use as a reference point to compare them to.

Since there is no “formula” that can predict which layering you will do best with for certain … rather than going by the “theory” of ILD specs which may not have much specific meaning for you … I would suggest a more detailed conversation with each manufacturer or retailer you are considering who are in the best position to make suggestions based on their more detailed knowledge of their own mattresses and materials and “averages” based on their customers with similar body types, sleeping styles, and preferences. In most cases (on “average” at least) … outside of personal testing … this would be more accurate than trying to make choices based on specs without any specific reference points to compare them to.