Finally getting close to the big purchase - Have some adjustable bed questions

Long time no post! I’d gone back to the occasional lurking while waiting for testing/purchasing time to get closer. After some long discussions on my findings with my better half, and some experiences of friends of ours, we decided that we want to go with a memory foam mattress.

I’ve explained to her the bonus of looking at either Select Foam or Brooklyn Bedding as an alternative to the Tempur-Pedic line, especially that they have models that compare very similar to the feel of what some of the Tempur-Pedic line does. So this weekend we went to one of the big-box mattress stores (Mattress Firm) and spent about an hour and a half testing out just about every model they had. The only ones I didn’t see were the Simplicity and Grandbed, but we didn’t have much interest in either one of those. One of our challenges is our sleep styles. I’m 6’2", 210 lbs, she is 5’9" and probably similar weight but I’m smart enough not to ask. :ohmy: I’m a side sleeper, while she is a stomach sleeper, and I can snore with the best of them. Lately I’ve taken to using 3 pillows to create an elevated ramp under my upper torso/head at night to cut down on the snoring some.

After a lot of testing, we ended up both liking the Tempur-Pedic Rhapsody Breeze (which was my guess going in but I didn’t tell her that). I looked over the competing offerings from Brooklyn Bedding (PureCool Symphony) and Select Foam (Regalis HD), and am leaning towards the Select Foam offering based on the foam they use (7.2lb gel & 5.3lb gel vs 5lb & 4lb).

This brings up the big question. The Rhapsody Breeze we tested had the Tempur-Ergo Premier under it, and we both LOVED the adjustable options, as well as the massage features. I know that Select Foam offers an adjustable base on their website, but I don’t know who the manufacturer is or how it would compare (it seems to be as good or better from the website). The biggest issue is whether it (or any other I could find that is comparable) would fit inside my existing Ashley sleigh bed. The difficult part is that the footboard of our bedset has a pair of drawers build into it, so any frame would have to be tall enough to go over those drawers, and have the legs in a position that would not hit the drawers. I have an email in to them for some dimensions to see if it would be possible.

Does anyone have any experience with the Select Foam adjustable frame?

Also, thoughts on going with a normal king with linked controls vs. a split king setup. It seems like the seam/gap between mattresses might be a little uncomfortable.

Hello Osahar,

Depending on the base that you are interested in ordering there are some options available for 11" legs for some adjustable models. Also the split design is normal for a king setup with most mattresses, the middle surprisingly does not feel to weird. It is an added bonus to have a model that does allow for you to link them for simultaneous operation.

Keeping your head elevated can help to reduce snoring, also keeping your feet raised above your heart level can increase blood circulation from your feet to your heart which can also then help provide you with more oxygen to help reduce snoring.

Sounds like you have done a great job narrowing down the mattress models you are most interested in.

I hope this information was helpful. Good luck on your journey to getting a better nights rest.

Hi Osahar,

I believe that the adjustable beds they sell are made by Reverie (which also manufactures the Tempurpedic adjustables although they have a slightly different set of features). We have owned a Reverie Deluxe (5D) for over 3 years and have been very happy with it.

There is more about adjustable beds in post #3 here and the adjustable bed thread that it links to. As Mario from Brooklyn Bedding also mentioned … most adjustable beds have options for different leg heights and the Reverie has 2.5", 4", and 6.5" legs that come with the bed and there is an optional 10" version as well.

The adjustable bed itself would be split in a king size (two twin XL’s) but you can use either two twin XL mattresses or a single king on top. The advantage of separate mattresses is that you can adjust each one individually which would be an advantage for couples who prefer to sleep in different positions or where one is sleeping but the other one wants to use the adjustable for watching a movie, reading, etc. The disadvantage would be that the gap in the middle may be more noticeable than having a single king size mattress (although how much you would feel the “gap” in between would depend on the type and design of the mattressand how closely the top surfaces fit together). There are some solutions for turning two twin XL mattresses into a king and some of the pros and cons of each in post #8 here but it really boils down to a lifestyle and preference choice and how important it would be to have each side operate independently vs having a king size mattress and linking both of the twin XL adjustable beds together so they operate as one unit.


Thanks for the info Mario and Phoenix!

I think we’ll have to sit down and talk some on the merits of split king vs. traditional king. It’s good to know that there are optional leg heights for those adjustable beds. That makes me more hopeful than before on it working.

Now I just need to get someone from Select Comfort to get back to me with some measurements on where those legs are so I can check to see if it will fit inside our Ashley Porter bed and not be in the way of the drawers in the footboard.

I hate to say this, but now at 2 days since I emailed Select Comfort about the dimensions of their adjustable bed frame and no response of any kind yet. If I don’t hear anything tomorrow, I’ll try to give them a call if work is slow enough. :S

Ok, newest update. I never did get a reply to the email I sent on Sunday. But I called up their toll-free number last night and spoke with Juan from their Brickell store down in Miami. Great guy, and it’s amazing the difference when you talk to a knowledgeable salesperson instead of what you usually find in most mattress/furniture stores!

He went the extra mile and actually got out a tape measure and took every measurement I needed from a floor model at the store for me while we were on the phone. With the setup of my footboard and its drawers, there is definitely no way I can use an adjustable frame with the legs, just not enough room with the split-king setup that those adjustables come in.

Juan did have a better idea though. The Reveries (and others - they sell L&P and Ergomatic as well through can just sit on top of a platform/slat foundation after removing the legs as long as you have enough support. So it will definitely work now that I know this. I’ll probably look for some sort of center supports or add some additional 1" support posts under the slats if we go with this idea. I still have to talk the better half into spending the extra money for the adjustable frame.

Oh, and Phoenix, Juan said to say hi. He speaks VERY highly of you, and especially your knowledge of the industry!

Hi Osahar,

Thanks for the feedback … and I’m glad you found a good solution that could work for you :slight_smile:

As you mentioned … Juan is always great to deal with and will go the extra mile for their customers and I think highly of him as well.