Finally made purchase !! Cool Supreme from Brooklyn Bedding!! (also a sheet question?)

After much debate and testing I went ahead and purchased the king Brooklyn Bedding Cool Supreme…was originally looking for a latex bed …but after testing different mattress from stores around my home I decide I like the feel of memory foam better …that could be because finding latex beds to test out was not easy but the few I did find I didn’t like as much at as memory foam…

So far the people at Brooklyn bedding were very helpful let’s see what happens now they got my money!!!

Phoenix or anybody else what are your favorite sheets? I have one set that I really like which I think I purchased off of amazon don’t really remember the name of them though…

Hi Pooswa,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

Post #7 here and some of the posts it links to has more information and links to resources about sheets.

If I had to choose my favorite type of sheet fabric it would probably be silk. I don’t own a set but it’s on my “purchase list” although it would be a tough choice between that and linen.


Ordered yesterday ! Already have tracking number!