Finally ready for a "public" release

Well it took a little longer that I planned but I finally reached the point where there is enough value here to launch. Many many long days and nights and especially the last week as getting all the “kinks” out of the website was not as simple as I thought it may be. I guess with website building it never is. Of course the more public launch and visibility of the website is yet to come in a couple of weeks or so as I focus more on talking with the first few manufacturers and retailers but the “on switch” is on :).

So I’m happy. Now I can eat a bit and sleep a bit and maybe if I’m lucky reduce my hours to about 14 to 16 a day. Sometimes it seems that the more I do the more ideas I get about all the things to add to the site … but I know that it will take some time. For now though, I’m looking forward to letting a few people know that I exist.