Find or Build the "One" Pillow

My wife has been on a unending quest to find a pillow that makes her comfortable. She’s tried numerous brands and constructions. However, since I’ve been educating myself on this site to do about purchasing a replacement mattress, I’m starting to wonder whether or not I might be able to help her find or build a pillow that meets her needs based on quality materials.

Her issue is that when sleeping on her side her chin tilts down towards her chest. She uses a very mushy pillow, almost like a pillow cover with a few wash clothes thrown in it to put under her chin. She then uses a less mushy poly-fill pillow under her head.

She was trying to describe her frustrations last night and all I could think about was what type and density of foams in some kind of shape would combine to be the magic bullet.

I suspect if I found or made a pillow that properly cradled her head, filled in the gap in her chin/neck area, and didn’t sleep hot/had good circulation, that that might be a way to go.

Does anyone have any insight or direction on how to go about pillow finding, building or testing to alleviate

steelwindmachine wrote:

You may wish to investigate a shredded latex pillow. You can shape it to different thicknesses in separate areas. You can make it a bit thicker near the chin to prevent the forward flexion, then thin it out a bit underneath the head. Some of these pillows contain zippers and you can customize the amount of fill. The latex is supportive and will maintain shape for many years. While these pillows aren’t as breathable as a formed piece of latex, they’ll still more air well and they don’t have the poor heat transfer characteristics that are common with visco-elastic foams.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’m checking out pillows on Amazon. So far the Brooklyn Bedding Ultimate Dreams pillow might be a contender.

I did some looking into the pillow I use and it’s stuffed with shredded blend of memory foam. This would explain why as the night wears on it start to flatten out and it’s probably not helping keep me cool since I often wake up with a sweaty neck or brow :frowning:

FYI - your “Beducational” videos are great! :slight_smile:

Hi steelwindmachine,

A suitable pillow is an essential part of good alignment for the head and neck and upper body because the gap between the head and the mattress and the curve of the cervical spine needs to be supported just like all other parts of the spine. Like mattresses … there are certain “needs” that depend on body type and sleeping positions but with pillows more than mattresses, personal preferences play a more important role because the face is much more sensitive to textures, temperature, smells, and other more subjective “feel” based properties of a pillow. There is more about choosing pillows in the pillow thread here including a number of links to some additional forum posts and topics that discuss various pillows as well in post #3 in the topic.

Not surprisingly I think that MattressToGo’s suggestion is a great one and would be well worth trying. It may be worth considering a shredded latex pillow that is contoured such as this.


steelwindmachine wrote:

Yes, as the foam becomes warmer is becomes less viscous (the visco part of visco-elastic) and hence softer. That makes sense. Latex foam will not do that.

Thank you. That’s very kind of you to say.

I have been in the Mattress and Pillow retail side for 8 years and most recently, 2.5 years ago in the Pillow Manufacturing. This came about due to the frustration from our customers who came in looking for a great pillow to match their mattress. The foam and latex versions work for some and for most, they don’t. Lots of returns, frustration and bad nights sleep. Folks don’t like the smell, heat, and loft/height.

I started designing pillows that put the power back in the customer/sleeper. What we found out is Most manufactures don’t care about you getting the right pillow the first time. They want volume. They want you to try their zero loft, 1 loft, 2 loft, etc. Key is make many different versions and sell lots and maybe the sleeper will find what they are looking for.

After listening to 6 years worth of customers explaining their needs and desires to fit their amazing mattresses (regardless of style, type or brand) we designed

Key Features:
*The power is back in your hands to create the feel and loft you desire. Every pillow is adjustable in regards to the fill. Don’t like it because it is too high or too low (just open it up and remove or add natural fill). All pillows come with a cinch storage bag for your fill or collecting other various varmints or random dirty laundry.
*Organic Cotton Stretch Cover: The most comfortable cool sleeping orderless cover we have found over the years.
*Natural Fills. Either choose Natural Latex Noodles, Natural Kapok Silk or a combination of the two. These are cool sleeping, odorless, and have natural benefits. Each style has its own unique feel. Blend is the most popular nationwide.
*They are made in partnership with Each pillow helps provide a job of a previous addict or felon…people who couldn’t work before, now have jobs.
*Price: You’ll find them for $100-$140 depending on the retailer. You can find them in most Urban Mattress and Most City Mattress. Either online at or Amazon.

We have found out that 90% of our customers love them because they get to make them the way they want.

Maybe this will help.