finding a dreamfoam bed best for me

Hi everyone, I have read and laid in so many different types matreesses I’m more confused… I’m a male 6’2" weigh 230lbs. I’m looking for a gel memory dreamgfoam bed. I do not like to sink into a bed. I need support for my lower back shoulders and hips. I’ve had 4 back surgeries but sleep mainly on my side… has great prices on there mattresses and I see a few that may of them is the 10" ultimate dream gel memory foam. Another is 13" ultimate dream supreme lux gel foam… even these may not be correct… I’m mainly concerned about relieving these pressure points… I like the gel I’m hot all the time please help

Hi rssuttle,

The first place to start your research is post #1 here which has all the basic information, steps, and guidelines along with the most helpful forum posts that can help you make the best possible choices.

The best way to choose a mattress is either your own personal testing using the testing guidelines in the post I linked or if you are looking at an online purchase then more detailed discussions with the retailer or manufacturer who will know more about their mattresses and which would be most suitable “on average” for different body types and sleeping positions than anyone else (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here). In some cases they can suggest mattresses that are available locally that are good “approximations” for some of their mattresses that you can test that can give you a good reference point you can use as a guideline for your choice.


This is a no brainer. If you don’t want to sink in to the mattress, STAY AWAY FROM THE DREAM FOAM 13-inch. I am 6’ 1" 215 lbs. It is a super soft bed and when you try to sleep you feel like you are going to roll on the floor. Other men on the Amazon site had the same experience I did. Check it out. :slight_smile:

Good luck.


Hi Mothman,

Don’t forget that comfort and what someone feels on a mattress is very subjective and variable so what one person feels or experiences on a mattress can be very different from the next. Reviews or advice from others about how a mattress may feel is not usually relevant to the next person unless they have the same body type, sleeping style, and individual preferences and sensitivities and even then there can be differences although I would agree with you that I would be cautious with a memory foam mattress this thick and soft (similar to the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe) for someone at that weight


Hi Phoenix,

You are absolutely correct that comfort is subjective. All you need to do is read the reviews on this mattress at the Amazon website. People will claim it was too firm to too soft. What I was responding to was his not wanting to “sink” in to the memory foam mattress.

Since I am of like height and weight as he is, I can tell him that he is going to sink in to this mattress. Unlike comfort which is subjective, sinking can be measured. At his weight he is going to sink in to this mattress compared to mattresses designed to be regular to firm.

The description on this mattress says, “Provides a softer, cooler, more conforming feel versus traditional
memory foam mattresses.” From my experience with this mattress, that claim is very true. Its softness and conforming feel is achieved by allowing the body to be surrounded by the foam as a result of the force of body weight applied to the foam. Another way of describing that physical action is called sinking in to five inches of memory foam that is engineered to be soft and conforming.

The gamble he takes ordering this mattress and given what it claims it will do and the body sinks in to the mattress as I claim it does, it is not economically feasible to return the mattress. The mattress will no longer fit in the box it arrived in since it has expanded and motor freighting is too expensive. In other words, you are out the cost of the mattress.

Good luck,

Hi mothman,

I completely agree with you on all counts … and I think your suggestions were good … particularly for someone that doesn’t want to sink into their mattress.

I often take the opportunity that some of the forum posts provide to reinforce the idea that comfort is subjective so that people learn to trust their own experience and the criteria of their own personal value equation rather than reviews or what other people experience on a mattress so hopefully you didn’t take this as a reflection of the value of your suggestion.

In this case it really is a “no brainer” for someone that doesn’t want to sink into a mattress (whether it’s the 13" Dreamfoam or the Cloud Luxe it approximates that they can test in person) and hopefully I didn’t create the impression that your suggestion wasn’t worthwhile. The intent was really that they (or others that will read it) had a way to confirm this for themselves :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences and hopefully you will be able to return your mattress at a reasonable cost.