Finding a mattress and adjustable platform in northern Virginia outside Washington DC

HI, thanks so much for all your education! Like others, i almost bought a bed today (my bed is over 25 years old) but could not make a decision once again.

Would love a recommendation for resources in my area - northern Virginia, Wash DC. Liked the Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme with adjustable base or the Kingsdown (Sleep to Live) Comfort 6 series with an adjustable base they sold at Sleepy’s. Checked out iComfort at Mattress Warehouse as well but adjustable bases for king bed were crazy expensive (close to $4000 just for base). But from your mattress forum, it appears there are better retailers/resources out there for similar/better product? I have been in the Savvy Rest store in Vienna Virginia but it was even more expensive.

Thanks so much for any direction in terms of independent resources outside of the big box mattress retailers.

Hi stllady,

The better options and possibilities I know of in the DC corridor are in post #2 here.

Adjustable beds don’t need to be customized in the same way as a mattress so an online purchase can make more sense. Because they carry the major brands and their value is good … I use as a value reference point. Of course I would tend to purchase locally from the same dealer where I buy a mattress but this will give you an idea of “good” pricing. There is more information about adjustable beds in the adjustable bed thread and post #2 here may also be helpful.

You are wise to be looking in other directions than major manufacturers and mass market outlets :slight_smile: