Finding a mattress in NM

I was hoping to get some help, I was set on purchasing the aria king mattress for $2700 but decided to do some reseach before pulling the trigger and found the post you did about the short life spam of this mattress:

so now i’m on a hunt for a local mattress retailer to do more shopping but I’m having a hard time finding one in New Mexico, aside from the major resellers I’m coming up with nothing, do you know of any in Albuquerque or even in the state?

Thank you for the awesome forum, glad I found it before spending almost 3k on a mattress that wont last!

Hi alona007,

I’m glad you found us before you pulled the trigger. :slight_smile:

As you’ve read … not only are most mattresses like the Aria problematic, but when you buy one from a hotel then you end up paying a premium for your potential durability issues as well.

The better options or possibilities I’m aware of in Albuquerque are listed in post #5 here.

Unfortunately … Mattress Firm and other chains are a large presence in Albuquerque and they don’t carry anything I would consider.