Finding the right all latex mattress

I’m trying to find the right composition of a new queen mattress for an early 20s woman with rheumatory arthritis. She is 6ft tall, BMI 25 and an athletic build (former college athlete). She is a toss and turner - she moves around a lot during sleep, usually starting out on her side. She also sleeps with a Chili pad because she is a hot sleeper and the Chilipad gives her joints some relief.

When she was in college, we did a DIY Twin XL mattress made up of all Talalay layers to simulate the PLB Beautiful mattress at the time:
Bottom: 36 ILD x 6”
Middle: 24 ILD x 3”
Top: 19 ILD x 3”

That combination has become a little soft for her, and she’s been complaining of a bit of hip/lower back pain. She loves the all-talalay feel. What might you recommend for a toss and turner - both in layer firmness and total mattress thickness?

By the way, we have a good foundation (Ironwood bed frame) for the new queen latex mattress - but the old twin XL is on a slatted Ikea foundation, so that might also be contributing to the extra softness.

I appreciate the help!

Hello and thank you so much for the inquiry! If you don['t mind me asking, do you remember what type of cover you used to hold all of those layers together? Do you remember if it was a thicker cotton & wool cover, or was it a thinner, stretchier cotton cover?

Hi and thanks for the quick response! Yes, we bought a cover from you, the 4-way Stretch Zipper Cover (Non-Quilted) back in 2016. It was a 13inch TwinXL cover. At the time, we made some solid wood slats to lay ontop of her college dorm room bedframe, and that gave the mattress a firm foundation. Thanks!

OK great, thanks for the extra info! Also, I’m so sorry for the delayed response! Based on the information you’re provided, I would absolutely recommend the 10” Select Sleep organic latex mattress with soft Talalay over medium Talalay over firm Talalay, for sure. This would come with our cotton & wool cover, which will give the mattress more surface tension and a generally firmer feel because the inch of wool in the cover doesn’t really let you sink into the mattress much. If she’s used to and likes the plusher feel that the stretch cover offers, please note that we no longer make the stretch cover in thicknesses beyond 3”. As such, she may do best ordering the 10” mattress in the above configuration, except she would want to ask us to ship it as a 7” mattress and 3” topper, where the medium and firm layers would be in a 7” cotton & wool cover, and the topper would be in the thinner organic cotton topper cover. Having a top layer that is not encased with the rest of the mattress will allow that top layer enough spatial freedom to move upwards when you lay on it, making for a very plush and enveloping feel. This is what I recommend to customers that are used to pillow-top mattresses, memory foam mattresses, or people that are looking for a softer or plusher mattress in general.

If I can be of any additional assistance, please do let me know. Thank you so much and have a great day!