Fine tuning my new innerspring

I purchased a Verlo Ashford mattress yesterday. It has quilting on top w/ a half inch fiberfill. Then 2 inches of soft polyfoam followed by 1 inch of 19 ILD talalay latex. After that was a 36 ILD poly foam on top of a couple of inches of blue cotton padding followed by 12 gauge coils. The bed was comfy but a liitle too firm. The salesman suggested exchanging the 36 ILD polyfoam for another 1 inch of the19 ILD latex. Will that do the trick?

Hi Grits,

The first thing I would suggest it to give any new mattress at least 30 days so that it can break in and you can go through any adjustment period to a new sleeping surface that you need. Once you have gone past the initial break in period where the foams, fibers, and cover materials in your mattress have gone through their initial compression, softening, and stretching and you have become more used to a new sleeping surface … your experience will be more indicative of your long term experience on the mattress and will be a better reference point for any changes you need or wish to make. If you make changes too quickly then this initial period may take you into the other side of your range of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) that is ideal for you.

When you reach this point … while it’s not possible for anyone to know with absolute certainty what exact combination of materials will work best for you … you would have enough of a reference point that the odds would be good that changing the 36 ILD polyfoam layer for a layer of softer latex will improve and increase the pressure relieving qualities of the mattress (provide a deeper pressure relieving cradle) and be more “comfortable” for you without a significant risk to alignment yes.

When the time comes I would try your best to “quantify” the degree of change you are looking for (a little, a fair bit, a lot) so that they can take this into account in any changes they make. For example they may be able to use a latex layer in between the 19 ILD they are suggesting and the 36 ILD polyfoam you now have if this seems more appropriate after the first 30 days.


i have a better idea - return it - and get something without springs

when the support foam layers fail ( hammock ) just replace the foam

i personally think once you put springs in a mattress its game over - there is nothing you will be able to do to fix it

i tried a $5,000 mattress in a store that had springs under 7 inches of latex and memory foam and it wasn’t even as good as a bed i made for my grandma for under 100 bucks using a simple piece of poly foam.

IMO springs create a lot of problems while not solving any - just like waterbeds - and in another 20 years they will be as extinct as waterbeds are today

just my personal opinion YMMV

Thanks for the advice, Phoenix – i’ll give it a try. The ability to change the comfort level of the bed was one of the reasons we went with Verlo. G1981c – I really wanted to get an all latex bed but I didn’t find them comfortable. I personally like memory foam, but my husband isn’t a big fan so we went with what we’ve always had-- an innerspring.

yes, it is hard to find a comfortable latex bed because there are so few of them to demo. it’s unfortunate.