"Firm" topper too soft?

After a lot of research on MU and elsewhere, I ordered a Firm 3" Dunlop topper from sleepez for my 3 year old. My plan was to start with this 3" topper as the mattress, and add another 3" topper in a few years. When I chatted with sleepez, I was recommended getting a Firm instead of an X-Firm.

I just got the topper yesterday, and to my surprise it is extremely soft. It is very easy to squish, and my son seems to sink in it when laying on the topper (placed on a hard wood floor).

The topper is either mislabeled, or I am completely off in my definition of “firm”. I saw cheap mattresses at Ikea that were firmer and nicer than this. I am trying to decide what to do next. SleepEZ offered to return this (I pay for shipping), but I am unsure what to get next.

Is there a way to test if my topper is labeled correctly? It weighs ~25lbs, which is on the lower end of what SleepEZ says a 3" Dunlop Twin Firm should weigh (25lbs - 30lbs). Should I ask for a replacement, or should I swap for an X-Firm? Is an X-Firm going to be much firmer?

If it turns out that latex is not what I am looking for (just not firm enough), can you recommend some other material/mattress that is safe for little kids (no flame retardant, no memory foam etc)?

Hello and thank you so much for the order! I have just a couple of questions - How did you determine that the topper is too soft? Did you try laying on it? The topper has an oval sticker labeling the firmness, does your topper have a firm sticker on it?

Yes, it does have a sticker that says “firm”, which is why I was wondering if it was mislabeled.

I did lay on it (with the topper on the floor, and on the slats). I also had my 3 year old lay on it. This is the first time I have used a latex topper, so I am not entirely sure what to expect. I do know that it is much softer than I had imagined, and softer than my firm Ikea mattress.

I am looking for something firm that is also natural and without potentially harmful chemicals for my son. He has been using it the last 3 days and hasn’t complained, but I don’t think this is as firm as I would like it to be (for optimal spinal development).

Can you pls confirm how much this should weigh, and if 25lbs is appropriate for a firm 3” twin Dunlop topper?

Based on the information you’ve provided it sounds like we definitely sent you a firm layer. The good news is that the layer you have now (even though it seems too soft to you) is going to be perfectly supportive for a 3 year old because they weigh much less than an adult and will not sink in or compress that layer much at all. As such, the layer you have now will be perfectly fine for your child. Please note, however, that we would recommend adding another 3" layer of medium latex in about a year just to make sure your child gets the right combination of both contour and support.

So I ended up ordering 2 more 3" Natural Dunlop toppers (Firm and Medium), this time from Sleep on Latex on Amazon.

The “Firm” from Sleep on Latex is an order of magnitude firmer than the “Firm” from Sleep EZ. In fact, the “Medium” from Sleep on Latex (ILD 30) is VERY similar to the “Firm” from Sleep EZ. Furthermore, the Sleep on Latex topper also feels much more robust (the Sleep EZ topper was a little flakey, if that makes sense).

I also measured the weight of all toppers, and the weight of the “Medium” form Sleep on Latex is very close to the weight of the “Firm” from Sleep EZ (both around 24.5 lbs). The “Firm” from Sleep on Latex weights well over 30 lbs!

At this point I am pretty sure the topper I received from Sleep EZ is mislabeled. It really is a Medium topper that got labeled as a Firm. For what its worth, the sticker on the mattress is rectangular, and not oval (as mentioned in your post). Not sure that matters.

I am going to try and return this topper to Sleep EZ. I hope they are able to realize their mistake here and not make me pay for the shipping.

Yes, we’ll certainly get this taken care of for you. Please call our office at 480-966-9282 and we’ll authorize the free return, and we can even have FedEx pick it up from you so that you won’t have to drive it to the store yourself - just leave it outside the front door and we’ll take care of the rest.